View Full Version : Who has server space?

07-14-2008, 08:11 AM
Check out my project that I am about to launch:


The site allows users to create their own text based listings, or they may insert their own HTML to create more sophisticated listings.

In the future listing owners will be able to show how much money, if any that they have donated to liberty candidates.

Also, there will be a feature that allows listing owners to display which electronic gold services, if any, that they support transactions with.

I also have many more features in mind, and the essential site is almost ready for launch.

If anyone has some server space that I can start out with, then that would be very helpful.

Preferably a Linux server that runs Apache, PHP, and SVN.

Also, if you could help out with some basic HTML, CSS advice, then that would be extremely helpful too.

I can scrounge up a bit of cash for this.