View Full Version : Please Attend an Activists Meeting in DC after the Revolution March

Steven Vincent
07-12-2008, 12:04 AM
Dear Friends of Freedom:

Iím looking forward to meeting you tomorrow in DC for the Revolution March! Itís gonna be a great day for Liberty!

You are invited to two meetings:

On Saturday afternoon immediately following the Rally, weíll be holding a meeting in the lobby of the Holiday Inn on C St. near the Washington Monument immediately. The Rally is estimated to end around 5 PM. So please meet at the Holiday Inn about half an hour after the Rally ends. We would like to discuss the Great American Walk for Freedom as well as other matters with regards to the Campaign for Liberty and the process of our continuing r3VOLution. Perhaps we can take over one of the hotel eateries for a meal while we confer.

At 9 AM on Sunday morning, weíll host a second meeting in the lobby of the Club Quarters Hotel, (839 17th St. NW, 20006; 202-463-6400). Iíll be staying there so you can call and ask for me if you like. Perhaps we can have breakfast while we meet. After the meetup, we could all head out and see Washington D.C.--this may be our last, best opportunity to see the George Washingtonís city before it is dismantled and the marble and statuary sold off to China to pay the interest on the national debt.

Both meetups would at least be a great opportunity for some face to face time with each other. We also hope that you will want to participate in building the Great American Walk for Freedom and make it a big success.

Weíve Talked the TalkÖ.Now, Letís Walk the Walk

Taking the Campaign for Liberty to the Street!

On August 11, 2008, hundreds of latter day Paul Reveres will step forward and take the Message of Freedom directly to the people of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Displaying undaunted commitment to the restoration of Constitutional government in America, these patriots of the 2nd American Revolution will traverse 280 miles in 21 days to arrive in Minneapolis for Ron Paulís Campaign for Liberty convention on September 2nd.

The Great American Walk for Freedom is not a protest or a demonstration. It will be a campaign of outreach, education and organization. In each town we pass through, with every American we meet, at every farmhouse and every crossroads, we will educate the people about the condition of the country and the solution to its troubles: the principles of Liberty and the Constitution. A fleet of rented RVís will serve as mobile dormitories, mess halls, bathrooms and supply vehicles. The RVís will be decorated to advertise our message as well. We will distribute thousands of copies of the U.S. Constitution, hold Town Hall meetings and interview with local media. We will awaken thousands of minds and organize them by signing them up for Ron Paulís Campaign for Liberty. We will cut a swath across three States and leave a trail of Freedom in our path.

Here are the tasks and teams we need filled in order to make this effort a success:

Walk Logistics Team
Internet Team
Video/YouTube Team
MySpace/Facebook Team
Fundraising Team
Media/Public Relations Team
Community Outreach Team
Liberty Convention Team
Minneapolis Parade Team
Legal Team

Sign up to volunteer here: http://walk4freedom.org/volunteer.html

Join the Walk for Freedom Organizing Meetup here: http://www.RonPaul.Meetup.com/496

Participate in our weekly planning teleconference:
Monday at 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern, (605) 475-6006, code 281430

The Great American Walk for Freedom: http://www.Walk4Freedom.org