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07-10-2008, 12:04 PM
Seeing less of your Money? Thank Spend and Tax Blunt.

Rep. Blunt is requesting another 3.4 mil of your tax dollars spent on special projects


Support a candidate that WILL be Fiscally Conservative.

“We have the right, as individuals, to give away as much of our own money as we please in charity; but as members of Congress we have no right so to appropriate a dollar of the public money. Some eloquent appeals have been made to us upon the ground that it is a debt due the deceased. Mr. Speaker, the deceased lived long after the close of the war; he was in office to the day of his death, and I have never heard that the government was in arrears to him.
Every man in this House knows it is not a debt. We cannot, without the grossest corruption, appropriate this money as the payment of a debt. We have not the semblance of authority to appropriate it as a charity. Mr. Speaker, I have said we have the right to give as much money of our own as we please. I am the poorest man on this floor. I cannot vote for this bill, but I will give one week's pay to the object, and if every member of Congress will do the same, it will amount to more than the bill asks."
Congressman David Crockett

Support Travis Maddox for Congress and Support an end to Government Waste!

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