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07-04-2008, 10:23 AM
Moneybomb Today
Today is the July 4th Money Bomb.

The Lisa Leeds for House District 58 Campaign is participating, July 4th Moneybomb. Please consider donating to help drive the campaign to victory.

Please I could really use your Donations what ever you can spear every little bit helps so if you can help please do... I will not let the state of TN or the people District of 58 down... Please I truly need your help to win!!!! Please Help!!!! To Donate go to http://lisaleeds2008.com/new_page_3.htm and give as much as you can spear. The money that you give goes to help my campaign get things we need to win... So if you can please help I could really use it...

Thanks and God Bless,
Lisa Leeds
Candidate in 08
State House Dist. 58 TN