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David A. Gay, Sr.
07-03-2008, 02:29 PM
Visit http://www.freedomslate08.com for the entire list of candidates


Overthrowing the Government...One Seat at a Time!

Our government and political system are failing miserably. It is the right of the people to abolish the government when it becomes too oppressive. It is time for a Revolution.
If possible, we would like to have a peaceful revolution. Let's replace our governors and legislators with those who would truly obey the laws of the Constitution.
It may take a while, but we have to get started now!

Endorsed by Ron Paul!

"I believe David Gay is the best qualified candidate to serve in the US Congress from the 25th district of New York. David would make a strong replacement for Jim Walsh, who recently announced his retirement. David believes very strongly in the traditional Republican principles of constitutionally limited government and free enterprise. I am happy to give him my endorsement."

-- Ron Paul

David Gay Has a Tremendous Chance to Win!

The current U.S. Congressman from the 25th District of New York State is retiring at the end of this term, leaving an OPEN SEAT!! There are currently only 2 Ron Paul endorsed candidates running for open seats in the entire nation! They are David Gay and Steven Vasquez.
David Gay is forcing a primary against the GOP endorsed candidate. Many Republicans in the 25th District of New York State have expressed disgust at the local GOP for having endorsed such a weak candidate.
The message is gaining traction, and the voters are taking notice of this opportunity to choose their own candidate outside of party influence.
Both David and the GOP endorsed candidate started off this FEC quarter at $0, so they are both on a completely even playing field! Let's make sure David gets a huge boost for this coming quarter!

Please visit http://www.davidgay2008.com/moneybomb to donate!

David A. Gay, Sr.
07-03-2008, 03:16 PM

EH?? That would APPEAR to be... DAVID GAY and RON PAUL!!