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07-02-2008, 09:45 PM
Collins Bailey, a congressional candidate for Maryland's 5th congressional district has received an endorsement from Texas Congressman and GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul for Bailey's Congressional run. Paul, who is currently serving his tenth term, announced his support for Bailey, saying: "Collins Bailey is a man of dignity who stays true to our principles. He has the utmost respect for the rule of law and our Constitution. As a believer in a constitutionally limited federal government, sound monetary policies, civil liberties, and a common sense foreign policy, Collins understands what the real issues are and how they are affecting our country. He has served as an elected member of the Charles County Board of Education. He is currently serving his fourth consecutive four year term..... Our country needs Collins in Washington. That is why I have given my wholehearted endorsement to Collins Bailey for Congress in Maryland's 5th congressional district."

Bailey, age 54, is a self-employed businessman of over 30 years. In November he will face an incumbent who entered politics when Bailey was 7 years old. "I love this district and its people. Our federal government is out of touch with working America, spending is out of control, gas prices continue to rise, and our jobs and our money are going overseas. I believe America is ready for change. I believe America is ready for leadership. I believe America is tired of finger pointing, excuses and party politics. I will cut wasteful spending, reduce the size of government, and promote sound money, individual responsibility, economic and personal liberty, American independence and national sovereignty. I will work with anyone that has America's best interest at heart."

Collins Bailey

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Also check out the interview (http://youtube.com/watch?v=uHXY_-Aodik) Collins did recently for FreedomSlate08.com for their upcoming July 4th money bomb (www.freedomslate08.com/)

Matt Collins
07-03-2008, 12:23 AM
No relation...

07-04-2008, 10:58 AM
Here's a good post from the Daily Paul forum that I would like to share here:

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer in fight of his life vs Ron Paul Republican!!! Important Update!
Posted July 4th, 2008 by MDKidd
If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck in the July 4 Freedomslate08.com moneybomb, look no further than Maryland’s 5th district where Ron Paul Republican Collins Bailey (http://www.baileyforuscon...) is poised to dethrone House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. This will be “the political shot heard round the world”. Fantasy? Hardly. Following are 12 reasons why it’s likely to happen and why Mr. Bailey deserves your support:

1. If there ever were a time when there was no advantage to being Majority Leader, it would be this year. This is the lowest rated Congress in US history – approval ratings continue to languish in the low teens. Now with the economy tanking, inflation raging out of control and gas prices sky rocketing, you can bet that the Majority Leader will take an enormous amount of the blame – as he should.

2. As someone who has personally campaigned for Mr. Bailey for 6 solid months, I have been stunned to discover the overwhelming disgust for the job done by Hoyer. I was fully prepared to find high percentages of district residents who wanted to hold onto the power that comes from having the Majority Leader reside in their district. I am absolutely amazed that only about 1 in 10 people have expressed this opinion. The voters have had enough of politics as usual and are fervently upset with the incumbents.

3. Hoyer is vulnerable for other reasons. He is perceived (and rightly so) by many to have done nothing positive about the war or the economy. Instead, he is constantly politically posturing. Voters around here have had it with excuse making politicians.

4. Hoyer has made a lot of noise about how he has brought back enormous “goodies” to the district. Little does he know, however, that we have the “goods” on him. An extremely large percentage of his earmarks have gone to districts across the country – not surprisingly to large campaign donors. We’ve got plans to make this very public knowledge.

5. Hoyer made a huge political blunder last year on the vote to end welfare benefits to illegal immigrants. Thinking that he could break House rules and then twist arms behind close doors to forge a tie vote and thus kill the bill, he was caught on video doing so. The ensuing fallout had Hoyer testifying before the House Ethics Select Committee about his alleged wrongdoing, all of which was recently televised on C-Span. The whole disgusting episode can be seen and read here ... http://www.humanevents.co.... Up to now this event, which would doom Hoyer if it became public knowledge, has been kept quiet. But we have an “October Surprise” for Steny to plaster this sordid affair all over the media.

6. A far left liberal group has targeted Hoyer (yes, you read that right – a far LEFT group) for his vote to absolve telephone companies from any wrongdoing after they allowed illegal government wiretapping to proceed for years. The group, Firedoglake.com, took out a FULL-PAGE AD in the Washington Post this past weekend to admonish Hoyer and reportedly have collected $320,000 dollars to continue their campaign against the Majority Leader. They are also sending out a robo-call to the entire district alerting constituents of his vote, which can be viewed here … http://www.youtube.com/wa.... This group is in no way associated with our campaign, so we have no access to that enormous sum of money, but it is extremely telling how vulnerable Hoyer is.

7. At a campaign speech this very evening, a former FUNDRAISER for Congressman Hoyer approached Collins Bailey and told him he has his vote this election. When Collins asked him why, he told Mr. Bailey that he could no longer stand by and watch Hoyer continue to neglect average Americans. Hoyer arrogantly told him he’s only interested in doing things to get re-elected and would concern himself with helping average Americans at some undetermined future date.

8. The Collins Bailey campaign volunteers have been working tirelessly to schedule debates between Bailey and Hoyer. We believe we hit the jackpot this past weekend. We have gotten a local college professor to agree to sponsor the debates, and hope to add two high school civics teachers to the sponsorship team (the same two teachers that allowed me to speak to their classes earlier this winter about Ron Paul which I wrote about on this forum months ago ... http://www.dailypaul.com/... ). Having three local teachers sponsor the debates will make it political hazardous for Hoyer to skip out on them. Even if he does not show, the debates will go on with someone standing in for Hoyer. This will give Bailey enormous exposure in front of potentially hundreds of students and their families. We are even working on getting local TV coverage.

9. Bailey is as squeaky clean as they come. There are absolutely no skeletons in this wonderful man’s closet. He has been married for 33 years, home-schooled four children, has been elected four times in a liberal district to the school board, and is a God fearing man who spends every Sunday morning giving an impromptu Christian service in a juvenile detention center.

10. Collins Bailey is an absolutely magical campaigner. He is able to convert nearly everyone he speaks with, regardless of political affiliation. In addition, he has worked tirelessly to recruit and help other candidates across the nation. In Maryland he encouraged four other Ron Paul Republicans to run for Congress in four of Maryland’s other seven districts. All four of them won their primaries, and three of the four are on the list of freedom candidates on http://www.Freedomslate08... (Mike Hargadon, Rich Matthews, and Peter James), giving Maryland undisputed top billing on the Freedomslate list. This simply would not have happened without Collins Bailey.

11. Our campaign staff, which is completely composed of volunteers, keeps growing daily and is loaded with energetic young kids with great ideas and technological know how. We are planning a blitz of campaign ads that will blow your socks off. These ads will make the most finicky Ron Paul supporter proud.

12. You simply won’t find a better man than Collins Bailey. When you google “salt of the earth” his picture comes up - truly a down home genuine gentleman whose wisdom constantly astounds me. Listen for yourself – he was one of the very first ones interviewed by Freedomslate for the RP Republican candidate moneybomb … http://www.youtube.com/wa....

All that is needed to help us record this stunning upset is a small number of donations to put us over the top. The donations are mainly to get our ads televised. We will totally produce them ourselves. Trust me, it would be a crime if these ads never get aired because we lack the funds. Please help us make history and strike an ENORMOUS chord for the Ron Paul Revolution. Thank you all so much.


***************Important Update ********************

I just spoke to Collins and he tells me that the website handling his donations is unable to report any donation real time. Unfortunately this means that the FreedomSlate website will list his donation total as $0 for the entire day. He assures me, however, that the donations are coming in as several who have donated have talked to him today (including me). Therefore, please don't let the $0 donation total listed on that site discourage you. Thanks once again.

from MDKidd at http://www.dailypaul.com/node/54140