View Full Version : Union County Young Republicans Launch Anew...With a Twist

07-01-2008, 08:19 PM
I just came home from the inaugural meeting of the new Union County Young Republicans, and I am delighted to inform all county residents that this new YR group (reformed after an apparently lackluster effort several years ago) is, in my estimation, at least 75% Ron Paul Republicans! And even those who weren't are very respectful and ecumenical to the RP contingent, acknowledging how miraculous his renewal of the Party's membership (especially among young people) has been.

This is Union County RP supporters' first concrete opportunity to get a solid local platform and presence with which to promote real conservative and libertarian ideals. All Union County residents age 18 to 40 are welcome to join as Active Members for an annual fee of 15 dollars, and anybody who doesn't meet the age or residence requirement can also join as an Associate Member, at an annual fee of 20 dollars.

Please consider it, because this is an excellent networking engine for local Republicans, and I could easily see some successful small-government campaigns launching from YR support.

This meeting has already taken place, but you can still take the opportunity to RSVP for the next one!


07-01-2008, 08:23 PM
My good buddies in the county just to my far eastern border of Meck Co. are hard at work within the GOP.

Props to my fellow liberty fighters

Here in Meck Co we are hard at work too, we have the new Southern Meck GOP Club, which is very favorable to the constitution and fiscal responsibility.

The local, Meck Co YR's are very active also and very supportive.

I think we have it pretty good here in southern mid- NC!!

Kudos to the GOP down here in Meck and Union Co.!!