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Brasil Branco
08-27-2007, 05:24 PM
So, some website launched something called the Wonkosphere which measures how much "buzz" a candidate gets on the internet:



For one thing, all of his "mentions" don't actually mention him: http://www.wonkosphere.com/paul.htm

Another thing, I am 100% Positive Ron Paul generates more blog activity than any other Republican candidate- Technorati prooves this.

This measures the proportion of buzz for each candidate in all blogs for the 24 hours preceding the latest update.

Of course, it's a list of 1,000 blogs. That means, that only 40 blogs mention Ron Paul. That's bullshit, political blogs might not mention him, but there are dozens of independent blogs who do. Just today, Ron Paul has 350 blog mentions via google news. In contrast, Barack Obama has 499 and Rudy Giuliani has 230.

Edit: The best thing you can do- is add your blog in order to help his percentage.

Brasil Branco
08-27-2007, 06:35 PM
Wonkosphere responds here: http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2007/08/wonkosphere-tra.html?cid=80790853#comment-80790853