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06-29-2008, 09:25 AM
If you haven't heard of Jim Sensenbrenner, he is a 15 term Republican Congressman from Wisconsin and was instrumental in the development of the Patriot Act and Real ID. Here's a description from wikipedia:

Sensenbrenner introduced the USA PATRIOT Act to the House on October 23, 2001. Sensenbrenner did not write the USA PATRIOT Act; the primary author was Assistant Attorney General of the United States Viet Dinh. In November 2004, Sensenbrenner and California Congressman Duncan Hunter objected to provisions of a bill that, among other things, created a Director of National Intelligence, a key recommendation of the 9/11 Commission.

In 2005, Sensenbrenner authored the Real ID Act, which requires additional scrutiny of citizenship before issuing drivers' licenses and creates a federal database of state-issued identification. He attached the controversial act as a rider on military spending bill HR418. Subsequently, it was passed by the Senate without debate.[5]

This year the Democratic party has said they will not oppose him in the fall so the election will be the Republican Primary this September.

Jim Burkee is a college professor who is reaching out to Ron Paul supporters for help to beat Sensenbrenner. As a Ron Paul donor, I have received emails from Burkee's campaign asking for my support.

Like Vern McKinley Ron Paul, Murray Sabrin, Amit Singh,and BJ Lawson, he is endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus.

Jim Burkee has been endorsed by Tim Peterson, a Wisconsin Libertarian coordinator who has memberships in organizations like the Ludwig Von Mises Institute and the Future Freedom Foundation, among others.

Here is his website for more info:

FYI - I am not affiliated with the Jim Burkee campaign - I am a Ron Paul supporter who would love to see a libertarian leaning Republican replace Sensenbrenner.

06-29-2008, 09:27 AM
Here is an email from Tim Peterson, Libertarian coordinator for my county

Tim Peterson Endorses Republican Jim Burkee to Replace Jim Sensenbrenner in the 5th Congressional District

Several months ago I received a call from a professor at Concordia University. He introduced himself as Jim Burkee and said he was considering running for the Republican nomination for 5th Congressional District.

Since I live in that district and know how hard it is to unseat a long term incumbent like Jim Sensenbrenner I thought this guy had a lot of backbone. He said he had a plan and would like to share it with me so I met with him for lunch.
To say that I was impressed would be a large understatement. Jim was a breath of fresh air. He was young, energetic and not only articulate but most certainly as charismatic as any Wisconsin politician I had ever met. Indeed he did have a plan. The plan was quite optimistic but as long as he was willing to go for it I was willing to help out where I can.

The plan is to look forward and let go of the failed politics of the past. Historically politics was all about the Left vs. the Right, the Liberals vs. the Conservatives. Jim is one of the few that recognizes the need to look at politics differently. It is now, or rapidly becoming, a matter of Big Government vs. The Citizens, Career Politicians vs. Civil Servants, in short, it becoming a matter of Us vs. Them.

He is so well connected on both sides of the political spectrum that he tells me he has the Democratic Party in the district (Brian Kennedy) convinced to not run a candidate in the primary. He says he can get widespread Democratic support to vote for him in the Republican Primary just to get Jim Sensenbrenner out. He says that in return he will debate the democratic candidate in two years after his first term is up and he will not run for reelection in six years after his self imposed three term limit is fulfilled.

You might recognize this as the long held belief the libertarians have held since the Nolan Chart was developed back in 1972 that distinguishes between a look at politics as not just a Left vs. Right continuum but rather a more important distinction between Authoritarian and Libertarian. Jim gets it and I am firmly in his camp. No, Jim might not be the perfect Libertarian; he is running as a Republican. But much like Ron Paul he understands that to be most effective, sometimes it makes sense to make your mark as a capital "R" Republican while remaining a small "l" libertarian.

Jim favors bringing the troops home in a reasonable timeline to protect any good that we might have done in Iraq. Again this is not a fully Libertarian position in my book, yet a significant improvement over the full support of the "War on Terrorism" approach of the Sensenbrenner incumbency.

Jim favors a significant reduction in Federal spending and pushing as much of the government responsibility down to the most local level possible. He is in favor of ending the failed war on drugs and improving education through greater parental choice. He prefers market based solutions to curbing rising health care costs. And perhaps most importantly he favors ending "The Patriot Act" as well as "The REAL ID Program" which were both authored by Jim Sensenbrenner.

I hope fellow libertarians and Ron Paul supporters will join me in fully supporting Jim Burkee for the Republican nomination for the 5th Congressional Seat in the Primary this fall.

In Liberty,

Tim Peterson


Tim is a Ron Paul Waukehsa Meetup Member & LPWI Executive Committee Representative in the 5th Congressional District and former LP Candidate for several state and Federal positions including 5th Congressional District in 2004.

07-03-2008, 10:00 PM
email from Jim Burkee today:

Friends and supporters,

It's hard to believe, but tomorrow is Independence Day! It is a day where we not only mark a celebration of our nation's independence, but we also celebrate what our country represents -- freedom, liberty, and democracy.

I've spent a lot of time talking with citizens about what is important to them on Independence Day. Many recall the sacrifices that soldiers and service members have made to protect our families for generations. Others remind me of the importance of protecting our freedoms while protecting America, too.

You may have heard about the disappointing policy of some of our communities to only allow my opponent to walk in their parades. The cities of Brookfield, Waukesha, and West Allis told our campaign that only incumbents are allowed to walk. Read the story here.

This isn't about opposing the policies of those cities, though. It's about the belief that our district needs competition in government. I am the only person who has ever challenged Congressman Sensenbrenner in the Republican primary, so for Republican voters, this is a rare opportunity for an option on the ballot. I hope that despite the obstacles that confront people like me who challenge incumbents, the voters will still be able to decide for themselves which candidate will better represent their interests--not special interests--in Washington.

What made America great are the people who founded it, the ideals upon which it was founded, and the generations of people who have sustained its greatness. Washington was meant to be a place of the people--a place where elected representatives were citizens who happened to be in politics, not politicians who happen to be citizens.

And that's what this campaign is all about. Our congressman needs to be someone who is like us and who understands the world from our perspective. Our economy is struggling right now, and we need people to represent us who have worked jobs in the real economy and haven't spent the last 40 years in politics.

We need term limits, and we need people who will go to Washington and promise to return home after three terms.

This September, we will continue the celebration of democracy that takes place tomorrow. On September 9, we will have the opportunity that was made possible for us on July 4, 1776, to vote for a candidate who shares our values and understands our concerns. I hope that you will exercise your right to vote, and I'd be grateful for yours on September 9.

I hope to see you at the parades where I will be walking: Menomonee Falls, Cedarburg, Butler, Pewaukee, and Grafton. Be sure to wave back!

I wish you and your family the best on Independence Day. And thank you for your continued support!

Jim Burkee

Ron Paul Vermont
07-04-2008, 07:10 AM
Believe me people. ANYONE will be better than Sensenbrenner. He's a huge government neocon.