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06-29-2008, 09:09 AM
Preparing Now For The Battles That Are Sure To Come:
The DOG Fund

Click here to contribute online (http://www.gunowners.com/dogfundd.htm)

For years Gun Owners of America (GOA) and its sister organization Gun Owners' Foundation (GOF) have worked tirelessly in support of a robust Second Amendment guarantee of the right of individual Americans to keep and bear arms. Fighting against gun control in the trenches -- in the state and federal courts, in the court of public opinion, in state legislatures, city councils and Congress -- every step of the way is a dog fight. And GOA has become known as the "no compromise" gun lobby.

Our brief in the Heller case was recognized by USA Today as so distinctive -- that our GOF legal team was invited recently to write the counter-point to that paper's pro-gun control position.

In our battle to defend the Second Amendment, we have encountered opposition of two types.

The first is the open enemy -- militant foes of guns bent on reading the Second Amendment out of the Constitution as a historic anachronism. These people have their values exactly backward -- they put their faith in the government, and they fear the people. They support gun control despite the Second Amendment.

The second type of opposition comes from an unexpected source -- those who seem to be on our side. They believe the Second Amendment protects an individual right, and that it prohibits outright bans on firearms, but they then turn around and concede government's authority to establish "reasonable" gun control. They accept gun control under the Second Amendment.

Either way, both groups would allow gun control, which has been slowly sucking the life out of our constitutional rights.

Today, however, we stand on the threshold of an opportunity to breathe new life into the Second Amendment. On July 26, 2008, the United States Supreme Court ruled in the Heller case that D.C.'s draconian handgun ban violated the Second Amendment. The Court held that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms, not the right of a state to arm its militia.

This is good news, as it opens the door for future challenges to other anti-freedom gun bans.

To that end, we at Gun Owners Foundation have established a special Defend Our Guns (DOG) fund to allow our committed and courageous legal team to lay the groundwork for the next battles in the Second Amendment war between those of us who love liberty and those who would allow the government to disarm us as the first step to our own enslavement.

If you believe that we must compromise to gain favor with those in government, and be pragmatic, you should not support the DOG fund.

If you believe that we have already lost, and the best we can do is trim our sails so as to avoid a total ban, you will not agree with what we are doing.

If you are fearful of telling the government that the main reason the Second Amendment was written was to control THEM, you will need to find a pro-compromise group you can join. That will be easy to find.

But if you believe that the Second Amendment recognizes a pre-existing God-given right, you need to stand with us.

If you believe that compromise on the Second Amendment is a dirty word, you are our kind of people.

Pardon the phrase, but, if you have a dog in this fight, we need you to join with us.

We dare not leave the battle up to the compromisers. We are asking you to donate as much as you can as often as you can to prepare our legal attack DOG's to take the lead in the courts.

To achieve victory, first we must seek it.

06-29-2008, 09:24 AM
Do they think the 2nd amendment protects the right convicted armed robbers and crazy people the right to bear arms?

Furthermore, do they think the 2nd protects the right of individuals to own nuclear bombs, biological and chemical weapons?

06-29-2008, 10:55 AM
Do they think the 2nd amendment protects the right convicted armed robbers and crazy people the right to bear arms?

Furthermore, do they think the 2nd protects the right of individuals to own nuclear bombs, biological and chemical weapons?

Define crazy.
It can mean many things to different people and has been used to lock up dissidents in the past.
What of temporary insanity? Emotional problems associated with a loss or breakup. How about PTSD? or the many unproven and undefinable"mental" illnesses? ADD ?

As far as nukes go, not many could really afford one. That is the extreme straw man.
But what about Freon? Chlorine bleach/ammonia?
Will having a cold or the flu be considered a weapon?

There are already laws against using stink bombs or deliberately spreading disease.
There are laws against theft and murder.
We don't need laws against arms.

06-29-2008, 01:49 PM
The original post clearly indicates that the DOG Fund is not for everybody. If you like gun control, there are many other groups to become involved with.

If you think it's time to attack Federal and State gun laws in court, without compromise, then the DOG Fund is for you.

Also, donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, a plus if you like that sort of thing.

07-02-2008, 10:43 AM
Do they think the 2nd amendment protects the right convicted armed robbers and crazy people the right to bear arms?

I don't know... do think that crazy people and past criminals should be allowed in movie theaters? They might yell fire -- gee, i wonder how many deaths could come from that.

The point is -- who is crazy, and who is making the determination? Besides a crazy person, if he wanted, could violate that law and enter a crowded theater and yell fire. What good did the law do? Same response for a crazy person and a gun.

It only empowers the government and infringes on our rights. Maybe Bush should remain in power --- From your comment, I would say that you don't seem to care about freedom and liberty very much; so why not keep 'ol bush in there?

A Free country isn't necessarily the safest country. Nor is it the easiest country to live in... but thats the price you pay for freedom. If you don't like it... move to England (or Canada).


PS - Its exactly that kind of thinking that has put us where we are today!! ANd in the end; you MUST learn to trust your fellow man. But carry a big stick just in case.

Freedom is for MEN, not mice. So love it, or leave it.

07-02-2008, 12:44 PM
The only person who thinks he isn't crazy is the one who really is. Either way, crazy or not without an actual crime and no victim there was no crime.

I have issues with the nra among other "groups" for my own reasons but hope all of these groups no matter how big or small forget the "political" side of things and ONLY focus on the RIGHT itself without any political gain or persuasion needed.

If every American would just go outside open carrying then what could they do? Not a damn thing. If we want our so called rights back then we need to finally stand UP and use them.

Setup an open carry litter pickup day where legal and get the media out there. Get active locally and get the PUBLIC, we all know them, the WE THE PEOPLE part of this country OUT AND SHOOTING at ranges.

We don't need a lawyer to win this war, we need Americans to finally realize that WE THE PEOPLE run this place.

Anyone in the Fresno,Ca area wanting to join in our first open carry litter pickup then contact me... Set them up BUT by all means support the groups that support the rights just doing ASSUME they are going to win this battle for us.