View Full Version : Promote Ron Paul with Wiffiti?

08-27-2007, 08:09 AM
Promote Ron Paul with Wiffiti?


A new technology called Wiffiti is spreading across the country, enabling people to send text messages to large flat panel displays in social venues such as cafes, bars and clubs. Wiffiti is grounded upon the premise that sending messages to a public screen rather than a private phone will resonate with both the location and its community.
Messages sent to Wiffiti screens are also visible on this web site, encouraging people to watch “the word on the street” as it unfolds. Click on the viewer tab, pick a screen, and send a txt from anywhere. Then, sit back and watch responses appear from across the country! Better yet, head over to the closest Wiffiti location to txt out loud!
The first Wiffiti screen was installed in January 2006 at Someday Café in Boston, MA, a city that now has three other Wiffiti screens. Screens are now spreading rapidly, appearing in Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Knoxville, Boulder and New York. If you’re a venue owner interested in bringing Wiffiti to your establishment, contact us!