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06-23-2008, 03:06 PM
Putting rumors to restÖ

I feel itís time, and I hope Iím not too late. I need to put some rumors to rest. This has to do with Ted Christian, a friend of mine, who is also running for Congress.

I have heard from various people in the liberty movement about certain vicious lies. I have been wondering about the source, where these things came from and I believe I have narrowed it down. I am not writing this to accuse anyone, but just to clear my friendís name.

First, I would like anyone who has heard these stories to please ask the person telling them, where he got his information. The one man I know that has been responsible for most, if not all of these rumors met Ted very briefly, once in a public sitting.

I have but each accusation in blue, with my response beside it.

1st, Ted is not a Constitutionalist
Not only is he a Constitutionalist, but also a fervent Ron Paul follower: The below statement is from Ted

I first heard of Ron Paul while I was working in Houston in the eighties, and I subsequently lived in his district briefly in the nineties. I've always liked him. His plain speaking and matter of fact way of dealing with issues set him apart from substantially every other politician in Washington. He talks openly about the assault on the Bill of Rights, the growth of the military-industrial complex, and the inevitable consequence of unrestrained borrowing. He's in a class by himself. I share his deep concern over our country's departure from the norms of Constitutionally limited government.

Here's my endorsement of Ron Paul from last year, it remains on my website though I'm running in the opposition party-
5/28/07- There are two groups of politicians running for the White House- Ron Paul and everybody else. I'm a Ron Paul fan from way back, I link him on the site. I can't imagine him becoming President, but then again I could never figure him being in Congress either. It's an overused cliche, and I may be overusing it myself, but the next election may be the most significant of our time. And if enough people vote for him, Ron Paul will win it.

2nd, Heís an Agnostic, and ungodly.
The odd thing about this statement, the man who wrote this in an e-mail to me, used such profanity, that even though Iíve known him in social settings for 30 years, at this point I wouldnít let my grandchildren around him, I was shocked at the e-mail.

As for Ted, he was raised in the Catholic Church, he still attends with his family, but I donít believe itís where his heart is. Since he has been running for office, he has been attending a church in Union. They have also asked him to speak after things calm down.

3rd, Heís gay, actually the term used in the e-mail was not this friendly, it was a term that I consider extremely vulgar.

Ted is not married, at this time to my knowledge not seeing anyone. But he is not gay.

4th, he had the county remove campaign signs from the opposition. This is totally out of his character. This is something that would be considered extremely petty to Ted and no he did not do this!

5th, lining his own pockets with donations. I laughed at this and thought about sending the guy a picture of his old van. Ted is extremely responsible when it comes to money. I believe last I saw the contributions were in the $100ís , not $1,000ís. Ted put most of the money up himself for this bid.

6th, Heís pro-choice. We have spoken about Dr Paulís thoughts on what is okay one day , is murder the next, and how absurd that is. We have also discussed with him how people at some time it would seem would have to accept that this is just plain infanticide. Tedís words not mine.

This is from Tedís website.

(6/16/08) Here's an article by Ron Paul that the campaign manager just emailed me- The Partial Birth Abortion Ban. We're on the same Constitutional page on this. That someone might want the Constitution to say something doesn't mean it does

I hope this doesnít get to people too late, the run-off is tomorrow June 24th.

I also need to say since being involved with the Liberty, (Ron Paul) movement, I myself have been the subject of many vicious lies that where made by people with their own agendas. They were out to make a name for themselves, not concerned at all about our country. I see this attack as nothing different. If we lost a chance to give Dr. Paul a congress that would work with him on legislation because of one or two people, this would be incredibly sad. In the future, please donít believe what youíre told, go to the source and remember that there is great evil working against us.

The election tomorrow will probably be decided by a few hundred voters, please get out a make a difference


Ted's e-mail is ted@christianforcongress.com