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06-23-2008, 09:15 AM
I'm proposing a new project made up of several 10 minute (so they can fit on you tube) short series all done in 3d graphics. Also 10 minute videos are easier to digest than hour long, etc. So I'm throwing out a proposal here and would like to get people's feedback and ideas.

I think this is what is needed and what CFL is looking for from the grass roots. I know we can do everything I'm listing below ourselves, without any funding. If no one will help me, I will go it alone if I have to, so it will be done. So if we organize ourselves for this project properly, it will be easy for CFL to get behind this effort since they are no longer bound by FEC rules. May be even get some real funding from someone with the resources.

Here is what I'm thinking. Concentrate on ideas and ideals.

1) We need to educate people on the 3 core CFL ideals:

a) Non-interventionist foreign policy

b) Sound money

c) Constitutional government

2) Expose the neo-conservative movement

3) Educate people on what happens to society when they surrender their civil liberties

4) Corporatism vs. Free market

There would be a series of videos for each of the given topics, that I think are in their right priorities. For example #1 a-c would each be a separate episode including a 4th episode that brings all 3 together and shows how they are all related. #2-4 would also be made up of series.

Also out of the story boards, design 30 and 60 second commercials, using shortened time frame.

Phase 1:
Pick a name for the project.

Pick/design a logo. May be use the CFL one with their permission.

Also in this phase, this is where we build infrastructure to collaborate, prepare for server farms in last phase, etc. I have a dedicated server for this available.

Phase 2:

To pull this off, we would need, a story for each ideal, break up story in to a series of scenes. We need to be comprehensive and deep on each one, but short enough to fit within 10 minutes. We need to use hard facts, so historians would be needed to ensure all our facts are accurate. May be Misses Institute would be able to help on the economic topic's accuracy. Design all storyboards at the start so they seamlessly blend into each other.

Phase 3:
After the story boards are done, we then would start building a 3d library of characters (rigged), scene elements, shaders/textures, graphics. Then compose the scenes add special effects and animation.

I don't think we should go for the ultra realistic look on the characters, but make them slightly more cartoonish. I'm basing this on comparison between Star wars episodes 1-3 vs. the new animated series that is coming out this summer. I doubt we can do a good enough job at being ultra real and it will look funny. While if we go for the cartoonish look, then the characters just have to be close to reality, with possibly exaggerated features and probably a lot more pleasant to look at. Everything simplifies.

Phase 4:
Output to video and add talk-overs and sound. This phase will require lots of rendering time and we can probably use a render farm for this (using volunteer computers.)

As you can see, each phase can be achieved and actually calls for different set of people. So organizationally we can easily break ourselves up into groups.

We just have to get in the right mind set, get behind this project, it shouldn't cost anyone a dime to contribute, except time, talent and dedication.

I've been using 3d software called Maya for few weeks now, learning modeling and animation. I'm starting to get better at it, but I am far from being an expert in it. The software can do everything we want it to do. Movies like Star Wars, Shrek and most of the Pixar movies were done using it. You can download free version of the software from Autodesk (http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?siteID=123112&id=7639525)(called the personal edition). But I'm sure we have professional 3d animators in our midst with access to this software already.

So what do you all think about my idea?

06-24-2008, 09:21 AM
I did a quick 3d animation of the "The Revolution Continues" slogan on CFL website. Here is the utubee. A little rough around the edges and I forgot the rotate the LOVE back into 180deg position at the end, but it was 1:30am when I finished this.


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06-25-2008, 11:02 AM
The YouTube conversion really knocked down the quality of the video. If anyone would like to see the good high res version, PM with your email address. Its 8Mb in size and looks way better than what on YouTube.