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08-26-2007, 04:03 PM
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"A Poll worth getting into.

Though many of us do not read Reader's Digest there are a lot of people that do. They have a poll to rank the candidates and most of them aren't doing well unfortunately the next president of the united states is not there. Please go there and rank the rank candidates that they do have and just below them make sure that you do a write in candidate for Ron Paul. If we get enough Meetup groups around the country to do this they may add him and they do a Bio on the candidates so this may enlighten some of the 80 million people that get the magazine.
Take this poll at http://www.rd.com/channel/election-2008/

Reader's Digest Stats

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On the web: http://www.rd.com
Employees: 4,300
Employee growth: 2.4%

Eighty-million readers. Fifty editions. One undersized magazine. The Reader's Digest Association (RDA) publishes the world's #1 general interest magazine, "Reader's Digest," which is translated into some 20 languages. The company also uses its extensive consumer database (considered one of the best in the world) to market books (Reader's Digest Select Editions, how-to guides, cookbooks), special-interest magazines ("The Family Handyman, American Woodworker, Taste of Home, Country Woman"), music, and videos, as well as financial and health products. Its Books Are Fun unit is a direct marketer of books and gifts. An investor group led by Ripplewood Holdings completed its $1.6 billion acquisition of the firm in 2007.

Also if you feel so inclined write the editor a short non blaming and more enlightening lett about Ron Paul and why you support him.

E-Mail the editors at http://www.rd.com/talktous.do?lid=198

Kind Regards
Paul Welton
Proud supporter of Ron Paul and the second Revolution"

spread the message please, ty.

08-26-2007, 04:55 PM
Link does not work


08-26-2007, 05:18 PM
ah ty edited.

08-26-2007, 07:21 PM
Don't hotlink, copy and paste the URL.

08-26-2007, 10:11 PM
In this page: http://www.rd.com/gradeTheCandidates.do

It says: "Do you think more candidates should be included in our tool? Another politician? Or a non-politician perhaps?"
and a link that says "Tell us your top write-in choice for President!", where you can ask them to include Dr. Paul.

Man from La Mancha
08-26-2007, 11:42 PM

08-27-2007, 11:59 AM
Does anyone know when RD will list the 'write-in's'?

Richard in Austin
08-27-2007, 01:40 PM
Sent: "Dear Sirs,

You left the best possible candidate of all out you Election 2008 Tool - Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that I can name who consistently acts to uphold and defend the Constitution at every possible opportunity. He has more honor and integrity than the rest of them combined.

Please correct this oversight.

Thank you,


I wrote RP in.

Please check out my blog!

Richard in Austin
08-30-2007, 02:58 PM
"Hi Richard,
Thanks for writing us! RD.com's Grade the Candidates page explains that if you think someone other than the politicians we've featured would do well in the White House you are encouraged to send your top write-in choice.

You can access the write-in form here:

We plan to add the top write-in contenders to our Grade the Candidates tool.

We appreciate your feedback!
The Editors
www.rd.com "