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06-16-2008, 04:09 PM
From my inbox

Steven Vincent to ronpaul-363

--It is looking feasible to reserve a public park in Minneapolis to serve as a convergence point for the various routes. From there we can get a parade permit to parade about 2-3 miles to U of M for the big Rally/Convention, hopefully with Ron Paul leading those last few miles.

--It is looking feasible to rent RV’s to serve as mobile dormitories/mess halls/bathrooms/cargo ships. They will also serve as housing in Minneapolis.

--Hotel rooms are tight in Minn., but can be found on the outskirts of the city. We have someone checking on that for us.

--The same person is also looking into a conference facility of some kind for a Conference/Convention on Wed the 3rd and Thurs. the 4th. If we are going to have a convergence of thousands of the best and most passionate supporters of the Freedom Message, we should take advantage of that opportunity to meet, discuss and organize and plan. And we should not have a situation where the only options available for those who want to stay past Tuesday is to go on the street in front of the RNC—or go home.

--The idea of the Walk as an education and organization outreach campaign is well received. The idea of a town hall meeting in every town we pass through seems doable and is the right approach. The RV’s can be decked out to advertise the Campaign for Liberty and the Constitutional principles we are walking for. Imagine the walkers with Campaign for Liberty t-shirts, CFL clipboards for signing people up as we go, new CFL literature to pass out, and copies of The Revolution. It’s important that we start to frame this not as some kind of protest or demonstration but as a campaign to educate and organize and spread the message of Liberty. Imagine signing up thousands of people for CFL in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota as we walk through!

--Should we rename this: “The Great American Walk for Liberty”?

Please be on the conference call tonight...
Monday, June 16, 2008, 6:00 PM PST, 8:00 PM CST, 9:00 PM EST
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Your Friend in Freedom,
Steven Vincent
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