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06-15-2008, 06:49 AM
The Fight Continues…

Despite the fact that Dr. Paul is no longer in the presidential race, we are all still in the fight. This, as we and Dr. Paul have said since the beginning, is not about a man, it is about the idea and the belief in freedom. For this to be restored, we will have to work for it. Though it is our right and the founding principal of our country, we will have to continue our efforts to keep what is ours.

The next step in continuing the revolution is here. On July 12, 2008, more than 20,000 citizens will gather in D.C. to tell the government that its reign is over. This is We The People 2.0, this is the Revolution March! Together, you and I will begin to take this country back from the hands of corrupt power.

Our goal is to organize a peaceful, non-violent march on the streets of Washington D.C. followed by a rally in support of restoring constitutional government as the founding fathers set forth. A R3VOLUTION that calls upon all Americans who believe in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. By involving as many volunteers and participants as we can, we intend to spread the know-how of mass mobilization and direct- action to the movement. As a peaceful law abiding movement, it is our responsibility to wisely and effectively use our constitutional right to assemble. By inviting ALL Americans, we hope to extend the R3VOLUTION to all people of all backgrounds in the hope of forming a more perfect union.

Speakers include Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Michael Scheuer, Tom Woods, Naomi Wolfe, Bob Schulz, and G. Edward Griffin, among numerous others.
At 9:30 AM, we will assemble at the northeast quadrant of the Washington Monument, and proceed to march down Constitution Avenue, toward Capitol Hill. The west side of Capitol Hill will be where everyone assembles for the rally, which will start around 11:00 AM. The speakers, musical guest, and entertainers will then proceed to give their ideas, speaking on the Constitution, the Federal Reserve, the NAU, and terrorism. The entire week preceding the march we will have seminars on lobbying your congressional office, and encourage attendee’s to visit their congressman’s office to inform them that we are here to stay. The day after, CatHerder Project will have a symposium of freedom-oriented events that will be educational and useful for all.

We recognize the restraints of time and money for travel, and are doing our best to help everyone complete this trip in the most financially acceptable way possible. Our travel coordinator has been working tirelessly to secure group rates for hotels, cheap campgrounds, and a Ronvoy through every state to the march. This can be done! Visit http://www.revolutionmarch.com/travel.aspx to find everything we have available, or contact Susan Wolfe for more information.

Be a part of something big, be a part of the revolution.


Mary-Grace Cook
Revolution March National Coordinator

Additional Announcements:

Meetup Organizers – please add the Revolution March to your groups calender.

The grassroots only knows how to contact half of our organizers. We want to roll out a strong movement for 2010 and 2012 Please fill out the following survey and join the organizers bridge:

We need additional help spreading the message you are now reading to every Meetup group. Please volunteer here:

Everyone – please sign up at Ron Paul's new Campaign for Liberty to take the R3VOLution into the future:

The Grassroots R3VOLution 2.0 mailing list will be low volume, no more than 2 digests a week. Anyone will be able to submit announcements to go in it. This is a one stop way for you to keep up with long term efforts and important legislation. Sign up here:

The Revolution 2.0 Convention, to be held July 13th in DC, after the March will be a one day Paulitical school to teach and share skills among activists. If you have skills to share and want to teach or be a speaker, please follow up here:
More details are available here:

Great American Walk for Freedom, August 11th-September 2nd. Walking through Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, ending at Ron Paul’s grand finale rally in Minneapolis. http://www.Walk4Freedom.org; http://www.RonPaul.Meetup.com/363

The National DVDs for Delegates Project needs your help to influence Delegates and Alternates to the GOP Convention. We have 149 volunteers, legal structure, and have completed the first of our DVD scripts. We need more help. Please come to www.dvds4delegates.com to contribute your time, skills, or money to support our efforts! We especially need people in every state to help get delegate lists and distribute DVDs. Skilled video production folks, energetic organizers, and money to pay for the production and mailing.
Evan Cutler, Project Organizer, EvanAlaska@aol.com

Our Candidates running for Congress need your help! The Freedom Slate is a multi-candidate money bomb. The others are candidates that have requested money bombs. Please donate:

http://www.freedomslate08.com/ - July 4th
Frank Zilaitis, No Party Affiliation, Florida, District 15, https://www.franklyfrank08.org/cart July 4th
Dan Reale, Libertarian, (CT-2), http://realedealforcongress.com/Donate.html July 4th
Jaynee Germond, Constitution Party, Oregon US Congressional District 4, http://www.germond4congress.com/Donate.html, on the general election ballot June 15th or any day after that.

The Freedom Tour is having concerts across the United States: http://freedomtour08.com/

Operation Saint Paul is a project to put billboards with quotes from Dr. Paul's book in St. Paul for the National convention:

Freedoms Ground is a educational project to market Constitution based government:

Freedom Fortress is a e-mail system that lets you send and receive messages from other supporters. It lets you choose how far away your message will travel and receive messages from.

Are you a band that supports Ron Paul? Please join the group Bands4RonPaul and fill out our survey so we can start setting up Freedom concerts all over the country. Music promoters, venues, audio engineers, etc. are also encouraged to join.

Operation Cat Herder is an umbrella organization for many projects. We are an information clearing house, a place to network and map out Ron Paul space.

To highlight a few of our projects:

Got skills? - join the skills bank – helping RP projects and candidates:

Adopt a Meetup Project – 91 Meetups saved to date!

Grassroots Classifieds – have or need supplies or support?

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