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06-14-2008, 09:26 AM
Phase 2 of Ron Paul's Political Strategy
Gary North
January 9, 2008

In Phase 1 of Ron Paul's political strategy, he achieved national name recognition among conservatives and libertarians, raised over $28 million, assembled a huge data base -- a postage-free data base -- and got network TV interviews all over YouTube, which are permanent. Nothing like this has ever been done in the history of libertarianism.

The mainstream media perceive none of this. All they perceive is the vote percentages in the primaries. This is a good thing. The blinder the mainstream media are to what is really going on here, the better.

My concern is that his recent recruits will be equally as short-sighted. So, I am writing this report.


Ron Paul has been unofficially dropped down the mainstream media's memory hole.

The decision of Fox News to exclude him from the televised debate in New Hampshire was indicative of what was soon to come. In reporting the New Hampshire election results, the press did not list his name, even though he came close to beating Giuliani. It is clear that the mainstream media will no longer report on his campaign. He has become an also-ran even while he is still running.

The man-bites-dog aspect of his campaign -- the size of his on-line fund-raising -- is no longer media worthy. His numbers in the primaries are too low to pose a threat to the Establishment in 2008. He is yesterday's news.

He can and should maintain the official position that he is still running for President. That position will be non-news. Non-news is just what the doctor ordered.

When the media finally go away, he can get down to business.

What I am about to describe is a strategy that involves quietly moving below the media's radar. There is no reason for him to announce to the media, "My campaign has now moved to phase 2." I am sure he won't.


Every day that he stays in this race is another day of gathering e-mail addresses and (I hope) zip codes.

No less than 80% of his campaign spending should be devoted to running ads that produce e-mail addresses, zip codes, and donations for running more ads. Everything else is peripheral.

What I propose here is a strategy for long-term political victory. I am willing to post the basics of this strategy here because I am not posting all of it. It will therefore get no attention from the mainstream news media. This article is "hidden in plain site." It is sufficient that a hard core of his hard corps see it here and forward it to friends. My recommended strategy begins with word of mouse.

The mainstream media have a very short attention span. When you think "mainstream media" think "attention deficit disorder." The media simply cannot ADD things up. They cannot and will not connect the dots.

It is amazing what a dedicated group can accomplish at the bottom of the media's memory hole.

The two crucial questions are these: (1) How dedicated is Ron Paul's hard corps? (2) How future-oriented are they as individuals?

Out of cyberspace has come a total of $28 million in donations to Ron Paul's campaign. There will be more before the Republican national convention. If spent wisely -- and not all in 2008 -- this money can become the foundation of a new political movement.

The most important asset this movement possesses is a political leader with the following attributes:

A consistent worldview
A voting record to match this worldview
Widespread trust
A national audience
Three decades of real-world experience
A bully pulpit: a seat in Congress
A Congressional research staff
Several million dollars in his campaign kitty
E-mail lists (no postage or printing costs)
Supporters who are fed up with the political system
YouTube presence
New, low-cost, decentralized communications technologies
Technologically savvy supporters: "nerds with attitude"
Before his presidential campaign, Ron Paul was known to a small core of hard-money newsletter subscribers (old folks) and readers of LewRockwell.com. He was not nationally known. He is now. The media made this possible. So did YouTube. Those YouTube videos of his network guest appearances can become recruiting tools for a long-term program of recruiting and training.

This would not have been technologically possible in 2004.

Today, a new group of people know him, trust him, and will pay attention to what he recommends. It is an identifiable group: e-mail addresses and donation receipts. He can communicate with them very inexpensively. He can do it through his campaign organization. He does not need to involve his Congressional staff.

THE KEY TO POLITICAL SUCCESS Continued... (http://www.garynorth.com/public/2928.cfm)

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"Nerd(ette) with attitude, officially reporting for duty, SIR!"

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EXCELLENT read! We need to spread this far and wide.

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Hard Corps.

Hogans(Rons) Heroes - we are never going away. We are a force to be reconned with!

06-14-2008, 10:01 AM
"Fed up? Then lets Fed Down!"

06-14-2008, 10:06 AM
This is the best plan ever!
Ron needs to rehire this guy for our new libertarian think-tank.
Hard Corps needs its top strategist!

06-14-2008, 10:30 AM
This is the best plan ever!
Ron needs to rehire this guy for our new libertarian think-tank.
Hard Corps needs its top strategist!

I think this is pretty much RP's plan. His email yesterday mentioned providing resources for homeschoolers, he has always pushed the local involvement, alternate media, educating the revolutionaires in politics...I agree, though. This is one guy who really gets it and is an asset to us. I think Campaign for Liberty is exactly what the doctor ordered. :D

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When the dollar dies, political legitimacy dies with it.

This is when we make our move.

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This is when we make our move.


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The ninjas are on the move! :D

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Political Education. The educational program must also involve local political training. He should set up a website on how to become influential in a precinct. Use as a model the book by ex-Communist Douglas Hyde, Dedication and Leadership. Get there early. Stay late. Be helpful. Gain people's trust. Say little. Then, when some disaster is proposed, calmly give reasons why it should not be supported.

Get five people to do this together in a precinct, each choosing only one disaster to undermine. Raise doubts. Maybe add an amendment that guts it. But, election by election, move the precinct toward limited government.

The strategy is to move the rank and file toward liberty. The tactic is not to be obstructionist. That gets people nowhere. The goal is to raise doubts at key points, calling into question the messianic state, program by program, budget by budget.

Focus on local issues, where local influence can make a difference. Ignore any national issue that the party has made a primary goal. Concentrate on those local issues about which the opposition doesn't care too much and will not expend much time, energy, and money to implement.

Get experience. Get support. Get respect. Then get elected, or get some future Ron Paul elected.

The Primary Goal. The primary goal here is not to slice away at the salami of the American empire. The primary goal is to get positioned locally with numerous officials so as to present a united front against the Federal government when it begins to falter. When the Feds' money buys nothing, the hard corps needs to be influential locally to block all attempts of the Feds to impose controls over the local economy. This has been known historically as the doctrine of interposition.

Has this ever worked in the past? It worked during the Stamp Act crisis, 1765-70. It worked during the years leading up to the revolution, 1770-75.

This is so much more meaningful now that we've been through the state conventions.

06-17-2008, 10:44 AM
North is right on the money. Hope he stays involved and continues to write.