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06-12-2008, 11:14 AM
Alternative election action?

I have been daydreaming. What if we had an election and nobody came?


The closest thing we could ever get to that would be:

What if we had an election and could get seventy percent of the voters to vote for any candidate other than the two "front-runners"?

What if we could completely throw a monkey wrench into this election by denying the two main parties of their objectives?

If we cannot elect Dr. Paul, what if we could use all our talents and influence among all the groups and people we knew to get them to vote for ANY other candidate who resembles their views (Except for Green Party, of course)? :D

What if the election results went something like this?

Democrat Party 15%
Republican Party 15%
Constitution Party 10%
Libertarian Party 11%
This Party 05%
That Party 05%
Other parties 25%
Write Ins 14%

How could they declare a winner? Plurality? What would happen?

Would it not be the most fun election ever since it is a circus already anyway? :D

How could they really declare a winner?

Someone come up with a better plan. :)

I know-call me crazy, but...I would love to see some crazy election results.