View Full Version : What is new????

08-25-2007, 10:59 AM
Hi guys, have been in Puerto Rico for the past week and unable to get any Ron Paul news. What is happening in terms of us producing and showing our own Ron Paul spots or anything else I can contribute to. Last I knew (or thought I knew) we were unclear about the legal aspects and I wasn't really sure who I should contribute to - it seemed like there were a couple of things going on but it wasn't really clear. I know this, if there is something specific that is going on directed toward winning an important straw poll I want to contribute what little I can afford. I'm just having trouble keeping track of what is going on and who is legitimate. I think like many others who believe contributing to the campaign is important, we would also like to contribute to other targeted grassroot things like the Ames ad. What gets me excited is the idea of us banding together on our own and getting ahead of the campaign in critical battleground states. I have seen some wonderful youtube vids and some of the ad ideas I have seen in here have been great. It is more satisfying to contribute to some specific activity than it is to just donate to some general fund. This is a little meandering - I'm working on a migraine. I sometimes feel so isolated living here in rural NY. It seems all the action is in other states.