View Full Version : We're not done by a long shot!

08-25-2007, 12:49 AM
We STILL need donations for the insurance on the event in Philly (which is coming along nicely, thankyou) and we are also going to need large amounts of money for other costs. PLEASE, don't let this slip by. We need everyone to chip in with whatever they can to make this happen. I have already booked Michael Badnarik and a couple of other speakers are on the fence as we try to get the campaign to commit (this WILL happen).
I know many of you are as excited (maybe more - but hard to believe) than I am about the Philly event. Let's keep it going folks.

The paypal address for donations is interleave1@earthlink.net

The application has already been submitted and the date decided and contact with various speakers is under way. We're counting on YOU and your meetups to help us make this a reality!