View Full Version : GOP Convention vs. Ron Paul Convention

06-05-2008, 11:43 AM

Politickernv.com's Joseph Cooper has the latest on the official GOP convention now slated for July 26th at the original scene of the crime, the Peppermill Hotel and Casino in Reno.

So what of the other convention? Remember, there is the unofficial convention for the Nevada Republicans (aka Ron Paul Revolution) that is slated for later this month in Reno.

If the Ron Paul Revolution (RPR) thinks that they can beat the state GOP in a fair fight, they may wait until their convention in July to take over. This gives both sides time to come up with a better strategy, and it takes away the state GOP argument that the Revolution is having a fake convention that should not be recognized.

The second option is that the RPR has their own convention anyway. They can see that the state GOP doesn't have their best interests in mind, so why play ball according to their rules? Going to their own convention on their terms gives them the upper hand. But why take this option when the RPR beat them once on their turf? The win deep in enemy territory would be the cleanest win.

Wally predicts that the RPR will have their own convention anyway. It is what the Revolution wants, and they do not trust the state GOP. Once they have their own slate of delegates chosen, will the RPR attend the other convention or boycott it?

There are downsides to both options. If they do not attend, their votes will not be counted. If they do, then they are admitting that it is the real convention and theirs was just a campaign rally.

The campaign comedy continues. More to come, either way.