View Full Version : Any pool players in the house?

06-03-2008, 05:48 PM
Any pool players on the RPF? There is talk of new tours and professional player's organizations on AZBilliards.com. Is anybody interested in helping to form a more 'libertarian" professional pool player's organization? It should be open to everyone and ensure free competition with NO TAXES.

Pool is one of the top participation sports in the world. There are somewhere around 40 million pool players in the US, with hundreds of thousands in leagues. I don't know how many people participate in cash prize tournaments. If we start it we can link to libertarian and freedom oriented sites as our first sponsors for volunteering our time. But it would set a freedom example for others regardless.

A few basic rule ideas I had in mind are:

1. No dues, ever.

2. No standards of player conduct.

All tournaments have a director to enforce rules at their tournament site.
Drug testing is unAmerican.
Players are free to compete in non-sanctioned events.

3. No preference to individual promoters/sponsors

4. The player's organization will rank player members according to a formula devised to promote the goals of the players (such as added money, lower entry fees, longer races) and will not attempt to run tournaments or tours.

5. All revenue raised by the organization is distributed to all the players participating in some logical manner.

All of the major sports are run and controlled by corporations making millions with players dragged along for the ride. I want pool to be a successful exception to that rule. I was thinking of trying to use the Freedom Force International model to make something that can't be screwed up easily and taken over by fascists.