View Full Version : Did anyone else get an RNC survey in the mail lately?

06-03-2008, 01:54 AM
It was begging for money of course, but the survey of 20 or so questions was really patronizing; asking loaded questions about how one feels about repealing the patriot act (and other such things) and the manner it was asked made it clear what their correct answer was. Anyother question was whether I agreed sowing the seeds for democracy in the Middle East was a worthy goal or not.

At the end, it asked whether you could contribute, and there were three answers, one basic Yes, one Not really but that you will send in $11 fee (the cost to tabulate the survey!!! BS!), and something like "No, I want the liberals to win in November blah blah blah"

No wonder the Neocons are going to lose big with tired old BS like this.

For what it's worth, my wife got this mail. Which is strange as RNC mail also used to come to me. I have been a registered Republican longer than her, but my name was on the RP donations last year. I suspect they are not sending this to listed RP donators (>$200).

Can anyone confirm?

06-03-2008, 03:15 AM
It's not really a "survey" any more than a "push poll" phone call is an actual poll. What these are designed to do is SHAPE opinion.

They have been shown to be significantly more effective than written text (in paragraph form) -- one presumes because people do not really "read" anymore.

So this is the equivalent of a bunch of "sound bites" and a "talking points memo" -- but by doing it in the manner of a survey they "push" people to respond to each of those questions in a pre-prepared biased manner. (in other words, it is done on purpose).

This has a psychological effect of reinforcing (prejudicing) the chosen answer in the person's mind not only as the correct answer THIS time, but long term, since most people (unlike politicians) are likely to continue to choose the same answer to the same (and similar) question once they have stated an opinion "on the record" (i.e. by physically "checking a box" even if the survey -- effective even if the paper is immediately discarded).

Think Pavlov's dog and the ringing bell. (Which shows you what the RNC thinks of the general members of the party!)

If you look at that "survey" carefully, it is very likely that most of the statements it contains are identical, or nearly identical, to the phrasing of certain things you will hear coming out of McCain's mouth and in the party's ads, etc. (Therefore triggering additional "reinforcement" of the proverbial "bell ringing.")

And, BTW, unless the person is already well-informed and/or already significantly prejudiced AGAINST the push-survey taker, then (sad to say) these things are VERY effective. (In other words, YOUR WIFE is not the right "target" audience, and your reaction is not the typical one... with most of the "mindless" minions, it likely will work). :(

P.S. They may very well be using the RP donor data from the FEC to remove people's names from certain mailings (considering us as "lost causes") -- and strangely that is probably a technically LEGAL use of the data. (It is only illegal to use the data as a mailing list to SEND people info... not to "exlude" them from mailings.)

06-03-2008, 03:24 AM
Got one too and to the trash it went.

06-03-2008, 03:28 AM
Got one too and to the trash it went.

Really? My wife filled it out with the answers she wanted to give (not the ones they 'guided' her to give).

We also wrote a check out. For $0.02. Since it was our 2 cents worth. I hope they enjoy cashing it. (We were also considering just taping in the pennies, but it didn't have that 'personalized' feeling a beautifully written check does).

That's all I will give the RNC until they change their ways. I wonder if Frank Luntz wrote it.