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Monday, June 2, 2008
The Empire Strikes Back: MN State GOP Convention comments & and the continuing battle for the Republic

Ron Carey never responded to my letter. I was told that he told the Chair of the Ron Paul Campaign in Minnesota, Marianne Stebbins, that Ron Paul could speak if he dropped out of the Presidential race and endorsed Barack Obama, I mean John McCain.

The Minnesota State Convention was a model of Stalinesque thuggery. It is hilarious and sad to me that these Neocons - who justify the unconstitutional invasion of Iraq for among other specious reasons elections in which Saddam Hussein was the only candidate, ran the convention in a manner which would make Saddam himself blush. For the national delegate positions up for election at the convention, Ron Carey & Co. allowed four out of eighteen prospective nominees to be people who were not on their slate. That means fourteen of the eighteen prospective national delegates were people picked by Ron Carey and his cohorts. It's as if that in their meddling in Iraq, these Neocons picked up some of Saddam's Hussein's ideas about how to run "elections."

I encourage those who wonder about Neocons and the cause against them in favor of limited government view this speech by Ron Paul on the House Floor called "Neoconned"!

For the alternate delegate positions, Ron Carey & Co. did not allow anyone who was not on their slate and/or a Neocon to be on the ballot. It was complained about by the person announcing the results that people wrote profanities and/or drew in their ballots. What is more profane than any written profanity is the willful and America-destroying disrespect of Republican values of these people who think they are pretty darn smart because they figured out how to run a tyranny on people. Like Ron Paul said in his speech outside the convention in Rochester this past weekend: tyranny is a very old idea and liberty is the the new and rare one.

The limited government movement is just getting warmed up. Marianne Stebbins, who I consider to be a rather heroic and clever individual, and who is also our Ron Paul Chair in Minnesota, received 42.2% of the vote for National Delegate. This is nothing to sneeze at, as she was obviously a Ron Pauler. We came within a few percentage points of total victory.

The tyranny run by Ron Carey & Co. works against them. The more it is run, the more curious people become about what is going on with this party. The more they are oppressed, the harder they lean against the oppression. Ron Carey & Co.'s profanity to American values really offended myself and other people at our Convention, and like Barb Davis White (R-Candidate for U.S. House, MN CD-5) said when she introduced Ron Paul, the Republican Party of Minnesota owes an apology for making this man speak outside (I am paraphrasing, but that is what she basically said). These socialist Trotzkyites need to be removed from our party. Their support for socialism and socialist policies of Norm Coleman and Al Gore has demonstrated beyond any doubt that they are Republicans in Name Only.

During the convention, I had hostile and rude people tell me that Saddam Hussein killed 650,000 people per day when he was President of Iraq and that a nearly a billion dollars a day is being spent there "for freedom." Heaven forfend I dispute these pearls of wisdom.

The "Republican" and candidate for Minnesota Senate, Norm Coleman, is in favor of global "cap and trade" carbon trading schemes that make the income tax and every other profane form of big government look reasonable and sound. I cannot fathom why a "contest" against the big government toadie Al Franken is even seriously characterized as a reasonable dispute about any ideas by any thinking and rational individual.

We need to get the call out to everyone. Get your friends and neighbors away from the television and tell them about what is going on. I have written about Big Brother on this blog in many respects. We need to mobilize candidates against Big Brother. I encourage folks to help Bill Jungbauer for Minnesota House of Representatives.

Further, relating to other, more local races, I think my blog entry about the hundreds of surveillance cameras with sound capability (they are connected to the Internet, and can be expanded, and appear to have cameras with this capability) in Minneapolis are a serious issue for the Minneapolis City Council races. These documents are posted in links on the right-hand side of this blog. People who support Big Brother in this way should be challenged for their seat and lose it to a limited government Republican. There aren't really too many Democrats or any Neocons nowadays who don't love a new expansion of Big Brother government. Sadly, many Republicans have joined them in their massive control grid operations. I encourage "Ron Paul" limited government Republicans to run against "police state" Democrats for seats on the Minneapolis City Council. Such a win would be a significant achievement for the limited government movement.

Please also remember NASCO - it's control grid continues as I write and as you are reading this. Contact your legislators about stopping them! There are many facets to their rackets!
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