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06-02-2008, 10:14 AM
Hey guys,

I'm putting together this database of what party is on the ballot and write-in voting by state. I got the information from Wikipedia and each individual party's website--there is some conflicting information, so if you know better than what I found, by all means correct me with a source of your information.

If you know that your state does not allow write-ins, please also let me know that, with your source, so I don't waste time researching it.

The write-in column is entirely blank right now because it requires more research than looking up basic ballot access.

The purpose of this is so people in various states are aware of what their options are and how to properly write someone in, if that is applicable. For instance, there is a lot of conflicting information on how to do so in PA, and it varies by county due to different voting machines.

Here is the current legend (also at bottom of spreadsheet):

W WORKING ON ACCESS (usually means acquiring signatures)

There are some states where it's hard to figure out one way or the other, these are left blank for now, or if it was particularly confusing, I put a question mark there. :)

Hope this helps some people in deciding how they'll vote in November. Here's the link to the spreadsheet: http://www.editgrid.com/user/amy31416/3rd_Party_Voting_by_State

Any suggestions are welcome!