View Full Version : Ron Paul Excited about the March

05-30-2008, 09:47 AM
Ron Paul is asking us to march. We need people to commit to volunteer, to fundraise and donate and help out.

Ron Paul, "It is our responsibility to keep going and keep fighting."

"We need everybody to stay engaged and stay active. We have spent a whole year, we have invested all this time and money and energy and all this volunteer work."

"We can't drop the ball right now." "We have to continue this process."

If you want to help Ron Paul, we need contributions for www.revolutionmarch.com

"We ought to have a grand march."

"A March on Washington could be very valuable." Others have gone to Washington and people remember the grand rallies."

"We have to be counted."

Others say this is a great idea.

"We are at the crossroads. "I hope everyone will join. It can work, it has to work.

If we want to really take a stand for freedom, we will need a march for freedom. "

"There is no reason in the world to back off, it is a time to march forward.!"