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05-30-2008, 07:01 AM
Ron Paul Will Lead Freedom Walk '08: Green Bay to Minneapolis-St. Paul
Yesterday Ron Paul appeared in San Diego for a private brunch followed by a rally and book signing. I was fortunate to be in attendance. I had been discussing an idea for a “Freedom Walk” from Green Bay, WI to Minneapolis with members of the Ron Paul activist community, and availed myself of the opportunity to talk about the idea with Dr. Paul and several members of his staff.
Dr. Paul loves the idea of a Freedom Walk to the Republican National convention host city and has agreed to lead us into the city for the last portion of the Walk!
Can you envision Dr. Paul leading a peaceful, organized force of 25,000 friends of freedom into the city, converging at a rally where a like number of liberty lovers are gathered? It turns out that Congressman Paul has been planning for and is very desirous to see a substantial rally in Minneapolis coincident with the RNC. The idea of a Freedom Walk dovetails very nicely with the campaign’s plans for a big rally. It also coincides with Ron Paul’s plan to announce at that place and time his new Foundation which will carry the Freedom Movement forward after the RNC.
Dr. Paul is also very adamant that this be a peaceful, non-violent, positive exercise in Freedom. I would like to note that he has often spoken of the example of Gandhi and non-violent civil disobedience. The proposed walk would be roughly the same distance and take the same number of days as Gandhi’s Salt March which led to the independence of India from British colonialism (and which was the beginning of a campaign of civil disobedience against an UNFAIR TAX on the production of salt).
The specifics of this Walk and rally are in the development stage. The current conception is this:
-Walk begins in Green Bay, WI at Lambeau Field on August 11 at the Packers’ Monday Night Football home season opener. Ron Paul leads us on the first few miles “kick off” the Walk.
-Gandhi started with 87 walkers committed to going the distance...we will start with no less than this number committed to walking the heartland of America for 251 miles and 3 weeks.
-There will be a logistical team to manage food, water, supplies, belongings, sleeping arrangements ect for the walkers. There will be a medical team.
-There will be a money bomb to raise funds for the project including assisting walkers with their expenses.
-Walkers will be Ambassadors of Liberty, distributing literature and talking to citizens in the dozens of towns they will pass through on the route. Some of the larger cities we will pass through include Wausau and Eau Claire.
-Ron Paul rejoins the Walk for the last leg leading a peaceful force of 25,000 into St. Paul 3 weeks later converging at a rally. Ron Paul announces his new Foundation.
-There is also the idea of holding a “Constitutionalist Convention” in a hotel ballroom parallel to the RNC. We will gather to meet, draft and vote on resolutions, form committees of Dr. Paul’s new organization and conduct similar business.
It is hoped that the July 12 rally (www.revolutionmarch.com) and July 13 Convention in Washington DC will be precursors to and prepare the ground for the Minneapolis events. It is not meant to replace those events or efforts or be in competition.
A number of Ron Paul organizers and Freedom activists across the country are already on board with the general thrust of this plan. Please be a part of developing, shaping and putting into practice this vision. We hope that you can see the huge potential here and want to act on it and be a part of it. An organizing committee is forming now.
There will be a teleconference to discuss this on Monday night:
1 (605) 475-6006 code 281430
Please go here to sign up to get involved: http://www.jotform.com/fo... (http://www.jotform.com/form/81445006676)

Please go here to join the Meetup set up for this purpose (all are welcome and it is open): http://www.RonPaul.Meetup... (http://www.ronpaul.meetup.com/363)



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