View Full Version : Rise with tears of gladness

05-30-2008, 04:56 AM
I think back so much. And so much on what are now the "early YouTubes". When we saw for ourselves, how our people showed us that we aren't just freaks in our own home town, how we are a real people all across America.

Gosh, I just used to look at those YouTubes and just cry for joy. I was like "it's actually happening".

For once in my f*cked up, hell-bent life, something finally went right. And it's not me, it's you that finally went right in my life. Like I been waiting all my life for people like you to come along.

And i ain't alone. A whole sh*tload of folks been waiting, just a-hoping this day, this very day would come.

Next time you hear somebody say "I love you" you listen hard.

Listen for the echo.