View Full Version : Hit Piece on Huffington Post on Ron Paul

05-29-2008, 12:12 PM
One must ask Why a Hit Piece on Paul, and why now?

Once I thought of the Huffington Post as a good alternative to the Hannity.com posting board, but I have come to realize that the Huffington Post is no different then the Hannity.com or Fox Network. The Huffington Post (MSNBC) some how feels that Ron Paul is a threat to their beloved Obama, maybe we all should take this a sign of our accomplishments of pushing the support of the GOP in Idaho to favor Ron Paul at the largest percentage thus far in the remaining contests prior to the GOP Convention.

Maybe it is that the writer on the Huffington Post is worried that there is a strong grassroot support for Ron Paul that surrounds the foundation of our Country, which is the Constitution. It is difficult for Obama to tout the Constitution when he favors building large mental health prisons in Connecticut. When he receives endorsements from Yale University and that of the psychiatry industry that promotes Government Ruled Mental Health Treatments that are tied to dangerous deadly side effects and forced clincial drug trials on children in foster care an endorsement John Kerry received as well.

Maybe the hit piece is intend to seal the fate of the Republican party, after all it is no secret that the GOP and DNC have merged into a Keppler's "Bosses of the Senate" like that of 1889 The millionaires club, where the principal senators represent Wall Sreet Bankers and Drug Companies.

I say take the hit piece for what is it, an attempt to discredit the only man remaining in a position of power that threatens the Billion Dollar Congress and supports the Rule by the people and for the people.

It seems the huffington post has become nothing more than a cheerleader for Obama, it might be nice to return to somewhat of an ethical unbias position with the Huffington's Posts distribution power. But power does in deed corrupt, once a tiny taste often leads to over eating. The merrits of Obama's voting record should speak for him, but once exposed to the light, one would see it is geared to give up the United States to Europe's rule and the like. Therefore, it is important for the Huffington Post to dispense of the Obama-depressant from elite writers whose mission is to get Obama into the most powerful position in the World, the Presidency of the United State of America.

At any cost, slash and burn along the way.