View Full Version : Ed Morrissey is just Pathetic

05-28-2008, 11:16 PM
Don't know who this guy is? Don't blame you, most don't. He's a self-important neoconservative blogger, who has been trashing Ron Paul since the beginning. I don't read his normal blog, ever, but his posts are usually posted on FreeRepublic.com, and you can see the stuff this nobody writes. But you know the type, the kind of guy who constantly complains about the "race card", and then is quick to pull it out with political figures he doesn't like (Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama, Ron Paul and the decade-old newsletters).

Today, his weird fascination with hating Ron Paul continued as he donned a green beret and did his best Baghdad Bob impression on HotAir.com (not his normal site and found on a Google search for some reason).


How difficult should it be for Ron Paul to win votes in states where John McCain doesn’t campaign in a primary the Senator has already won? Not very, and yet Paul has only collected single-digit results throughout most of March, April, and May.

Like in Pennsylvania, Idaho, Oregon and Nebraska? And why just these three months, huh? What about Paul's double-digit showings in Montana, Nevada, Alaska, Kansas, Iowa, Washington, Minnesota and North Dakota?

And if anything it's more difficult to get votes once someone has enough to be the nominee. How many people win non-home states after another candidate has gotten enough delegates to win the nomination outright?

The Globe and other news outlets want to make this into a news story when it just doesn’t fit. They want to play up any sign of dissension in the Republican ranks to gin up a matching narrative for the Democratic primaries. It’s interesting to compare the races in one aspect; the media wants to push Hillary Clinton out of the primaries even though neither candidate can get to a winning number of delegates before the convention (since superdelegates can change their minds right up to the balloting in Denver), but somehow want to infer that the GOP has a problem because Ron Paul has less than 2% of the total delegate count for the Republican convention.

The nomination is secure and yet a full 30% of republican primary voters in Idaho said NO! to the candidate. Hmm...

It’s confirmation of his status a minor-league, lunatic-fringe gadfly.

This story is confirmation that Morrissey still feels the need to talk about Ron Paul...and is a bit of an a-hole.