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05-27-2008, 12:12 PM
How do these DIRTBAGS get away with repeating such out and out LIES?


"Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, has built a national following largely by preaching an isolationist foreign policy. Stick with your own kind, says the maverick presidential candidate."

First, Ron Paul does NOT preach "an isolationist foreign policy" AT ALL.
Second, he has never EVER EVER said " Stick with your own kind".

The first place this was printed was from complete lying idiots and then you have to contend with the other idiots who repeat this trash without doing any research.

That last comment suggests something that was NEVER said, and is NOT RPs philosophy AT ALL. It has NOTHING to do with not intervening via WAR, AT ALL.

I guess these dirt bag rags are looking to be sued. They have become the National Enquirer I guess.

Bombard these assholes with email won't you?

Here's anothe rag that is repeating this crap:

This Kirchick sick-puppy Yalie bonesman and CFR/TNR hack really ticks me off:

[Can you imagine? I suppose he doesn't consider the billions Obama and Hillary or Clinton who never worked a day in his life other than to be in office one way or another, have 'made off politics'. He is also suggesting RP is using his funds for personal use which is illegal. That's libelous and RPs people need to advise this scumbag of that, that unless he has proof, he's going to be in court. You have to be a paid subscriber to TNR in order to comment so there is a little club there piling on RP for his relatively small fortunes. It's amazing how they make something out of nothing.]

05-27-2008, 12:24 PM
Do I dare click on that link? Will it bring revenue to the Seattle Times?

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05-27-2008, 12:40 PM
Yeah, I had to come here after reading these articles to see if others were enraged. Chicago Tribune and Fort Worth Star did the exact same article (that I know of). Personally I like that he hires his family...



05-27-2008, 01:10 PM
Ron is forced to hire only family since there are many who would do bad things just to get him in trouble and sabotage him. His campaign is the cleanest one in history I'd say I guess the only way to counter this is to write articles on our own blogs and forums with titles like the above, to be picked up in the search engines.

The article is bad enough, but then people like Kirchick go one further and suggest RP campaign is doing something illegal with the donated money. Someone should pick up the phone and advise TNR of libel laws.

Having been fairly close to the campaign I can assure you that the letter of the law was followed about how the money was spent. It was NEVER EVER EVER illegally used for personal fortunes as Kirchick suggests so libelously. He has a lot left over because we gave him a lot. At no time will that money be used to feather his personal fortunes, since I'm sure the miniscule thousands people have earned to keep up with the emails and web stuff is NOT being given back to him! Where is the campaign on this? They need to call TNR and leave a nice fat LIBEL message on their answering machine!

As far as RP's personal fortunes go, for a man of his age and career, being worth $3M-$8M is NOTHING, NOTHING at all and hardly worth a mention! (Examine what the other three clowns are worth -- without ever having worked a day in their lives and how they abused campaign laws and there's a story for you...) Consider also he put three kids through med school with no student loans and also gave free medical services to MINORITY MOTHERS when he delivered many many of their babies.

Fortunately even those who are not particularly RP supporters can see throught his libelous stuff.

Turnabout is fair play so, here goes:

*For the record, Kirchick is a gay, creepy Yalie Bonesman who has gone on to be a second-rate blogger at the CFR-controlled The New Republic online. One can only imagine the nasty things he had to admit while lying in the coffin at Yale...just so that he could be admitted to the "club".

Kirchick is a FAT CFR CREEPAZOID that is bucking for a lawsuit... let's see how that propagates over the web!
Get blogging folks!