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05-27-2008, 06:26 AM
What would it take to get our own satellite radio channel. I would subscribe just for this channel. I think it would help to "turn" the masses if we had some mass media.

05-27-2008, 12:08 PM

I have been in the satellite industry for 25 years. To be blunt you aint gonna get it on directv or dish network. However you can get a channel on a Ku satellite that can be received on a FTA satellite receiver. I needs about a 30 inch dish usually. A friend has a radio program and his associates have some space. He is live on his program right now so I can get many details. His website is http://amd.elequity.com. I am thinking he advised me earlier 250 an hour 350 for 2 hours. there is a world of satellite radio available that is free and a great many constitutionalist stations. years ago I had to remove them from my home. I could not get anything done if they where on.

Also the recievers and dishes are cheap enough that I think a quality al-ez dish, receiver and lnb can be had for $100 to $150 drop shipped. there are also moveable systems with more flexible LNB's that get 20 or so different satellites Ocassionally the more expensive receivers can be flashed to allow you to "test" dish net with all locals , ppvs, movie channels etc. that is an up and down thing, extremely illegal abd a royal pain in the a$$.

The equipment for you home is a tad complicated to install the first couple of times but it can be done. I have installed probably 10,000 dishes since 1984 and it is not an issue. It would be very easy for me to provide nationwide installation if the demand was there. I just happen to know the ropes. If you have any detailed questions post them here and I will find an answer.

I will not address flashing boxes for illegal equipment. It is a copyright thing and the authority to regulate such is within Article one of the constitution. In other words the Feds can create a world of issues if they catch you and they are very aggressive. FWIW

05-28-2008, 01:22 PM
i actually was talking about xm/sirius type satellite radio. something we could easily nudge the sheep to listen to.

do you know anything about them?