View Full Version : My Lord they've lost it....

05-18-2008, 03:32 AM

Doesn't mention Ron Paul, but COME ON......THAT is the change that will bring in people, just look at the Ron Paul campaign!

So for people who dont want to read...

Due to losing elections to democrats in long-time republican stronghold states...the GOP is in panic mode. They're looking to "reform" the republican party....into....i can't even explain it, here's the quote...

McCain's approach -- tough on taxes, but receptive to immigrants and committed to easing global warming -- could help paint the GOP in new colors, more attractive to independent voters, Latinos and women. Some GOP leaders now say that by embracing McCain and his policy platform, Republicans would instantly "rebrand" and reinvigorate their party.

If there was anything worse for the republican party than the status quo, it's McCain's approach of amnesty. They are actually convinced that people will support them BECAUSE of that? They've really lost touch with reality.

05-18-2008, 03:35 AM
The gop will be revamped soon enough, say goodbye you old assholes! lol

We are taking our country back even if you try and create 2 democratic sides one with Obama and one with Mccain.

Hell they could be brothers for all we know.