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05-17-2008, 05:24 PM

Since I have a high interest in individualism and the philosophy around it I picked up "Freedom" by OSHO. This is quite an interesting read. The entire premise of OSHO writings is that the only way to be free is to become an individual is a state of understanding the greater responsibility of your individuality and acting upon on it yourself. He also rallies against all forms of collectivism such as the state, religion, etc and his arguments are fairly strong.

For the most part aside from his staunch disdain for religion and any type of organized belief structure, and one paragraph where he seemed to advocate non-state funded communal health care a lot of what OSHO saids reminds me of what Ron Paul philosophically saids except Pauls economics arguments are much more sound and is a little less judgmental of those who do buy into the system (OSHO is not so forgiving).

I mean reading is always a good thing, but I think i'd recommend this as a pretty good reading on individualism, there are some points where i disagree with OSHO but his overall premise and arguments are important ones written in a way I think is important enough to recommend.

So make sure to put a copy of OSHO's "Freedom" next to your copy of Ron Pauls "Revolution: A manifesto".

05-17-2008, 06:38 PM
I have several of Osho's books, pretty good stuff. I'll have to get a copy of Freedom.