View Full Version : Break Out into Community Fundraisers

05-17-2008, 08:03 AM
With the Upcoming Season change, it is a great opportunity to get out into the community and do some basic fundraising. Regardless of who wins the Presidential race, we have an opportunity to stick together as a PAC within the Republican party and take a strong stand on legislation and influence public opinion on liberty issues. Ron Paul has an opportunity to build the republican party from the inside out from where he is in Congress. Endorsements for local Republican Seats from Ron Paul is a great way to take back our party.

My thought is get out into the community. Check your local newspaper and find out if they are looking for vendors for street fairs. A table cost is sometimes $50 to $100, well worth it to distribute Ron Paul Campaign buttons, flyers and materials. Have a guessing jar filled with American Currency (dollars, or coins) to increase the awareness of the falling Dollar. Display a Ron Paul Book.

Forward thinking there is a nice strong Ron Paul Group in MASS, where there will be a large increase of vacationers headed to that State. Let's hit the road with Ron Paul This Summer!