View Full Version : All Parties United for Ron Paul

05-26-2007, 10:31 AM
I'm noticing the comments from the democrats supporting Ron Paul and I think it's great. I know you guys don't agree with the whole Republican platform, but Ron Paul's got some awesome principles that just can't be ignored, which is mostly likely why you guys are finding it to be worth it to support him.

And honesly, I've been independent up until Ron Paul.

But, we need to find a way to capitalize on this. We need to get the slogan going that Ron Paul is running to be America's next president, not just the Republican's next president. We're going to need the voices from all parties to get him elected because we're working against some powerful opposition.

Like Ron Paul himself said the Republican party has lost it's way. The politicians are just not listening to the people and have forgotten the traditions upon which they started. Those in the 'I belong to Washington club' and in the mainstream press are working against Ron Paul.

We have got to get everyone united and support Ron Paul.

And I'm sure someone with more talent than myself can come up with a better slogan to express and promote Ron Paul's universal appeal. Any thoughts?