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I have always admired Peggy Noonan's clear thinking but, alas, she is a stooge. She mentioned RP favorably in this article from 9/07 and created quite a stir:


But by the end of December 'forgot' all about him:


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Peggy Noonan is up to something.

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I like Peggy Noonan, she is very intelligent. Trust but verify.

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WSJ's Peggy Noonan is just listening to the right republicans: Ron Paul, Tom Davis, etc.

When are those "GOP PARTY FOSSILS" going to get it? It's about the People and this country, not the "PARTY"

Ron Paul was RIGHT AGAIN! The Republican Party has LOST THEIR WAY...

Isn't it amazing that everyone of the GOP Corporate War Mongers start to "Dilute their Stances" and adapt RON PAUL philosophies and polices. As sleaze ball Huckabee and his inside connected CNN Campaign manager Ed Rollins used all of Ron's Campaign stances to quadruple his vote getting... we see John Lieberman McCain now doing the same... McCain is touting 5 years in Iraq instead of his 100 years...wow, 95 year swing, all of a sudden! But don't worry Johnny, people know if he's in office, that 5 years, 1 year past re-election, will turn to 10 in Iraq, then onward. McCain's tune has changed lately, speeches are now about the CONSTITUTION and CIVIL LIBERTIES with matching backdrops, just like Huck. For the GOP candidates that DIDN'T ADAPT like: Fred Thompson with his granddaughter wife, barking "MUSHROOM CLOUDS" on America soil in speeches and commercials, plus little RED truck gimmicks in his campaign commercials, ended his pathetic pandering campaign... Ghouliani and his, I don't have a lot of money, so I'll spin it as, We're waiting for Florida to save us nonsense!

Ron Paul supporters are the critical thinkers or at least the Pragmatic Ones, and don't buy into the gimmicks or violation of the CONSTITUTION! The founding fathers were SO RIGHT, they realized the abuses of government and how fragile and vulnerable TRUE democracies are, so, the founding fathers put laws into effect to protect the PEOPLE from GOVERNMENT, not government from the people... which is how it's all SPUN today by the GOP!

The problem is what the GOP INBREADING "NEOCONs", National Security Council, the White House, Attorney General (let's NOT forget Alberto Gonzalez), Foreign Interest/Lobbyist, State Depart strategies and what they do... "Hey, LET's do what we want for 3, 4, even 7 years and in the last year, then we'll change our strategies/marketing/sales image and "Throw a Bone" to the public.... oh, don't worry, the public will forget all the bad things the GOP did previously to them and the country. NOT ANYMORE!

The GOP thinks they can institute fear in the public, wrong, Ron Paul told them other wise...

The MSM CORPORATE media thought they could completely blackout the truth... Ron Paul's message is getting through... even to the; thick headed, one way, GOP titans and Leftist fanatics.

The GOP though they could hand massive perks to the Wealthy and Corporations, while the country's standard of living for the masses declines and starves. Noone would notice... Spin "Bad Times" as the Unemployment is low, Very Low (internally revised/fixed) Inflation or it's just tough times, while Washington DC and the insiders "EAT CAKE". thanks Corporations, Lobbyists, Special Interest, Thad Cochran & Gang!

The GOP thought they could spin taking away imported CHEAP drugs up to 90% less, from Canada, UK, France, Europe... passing legislation stating they are UNSAFE, while thousands of Americans are injured or even killed by massive Unsafe Products from CHINA everyday. thanks pharmaceutical/drug corporations & associated Lobbyist and Thad Cochran's "INSIDER legislation!

The US State Depart and Herr "Sword Swinging" George Bush celebrating a birthday and taxpayer monies with Israel/Lobbyist/political Zionists. Hey, what about the other 100+ countries birthdays and their TRUE Democracies compared to Israel multiple subversive infiltrations for GAIN and CONTROL with &/or without the United States of Homeland Security?

Homeland and Fatherland are WAY TOO CLOSE for history to repeat itself.

The GOP's propaganda machine is as old as the 1930's Nazi hoodlums, spinning their garbage, not understanding that people NOW, are capable of critical thought, research, and internet searching/verification and/or passing the truth to others.

The GOP and pro GOP MSM media think with all the Makeup and Lipstick on McCain, Spinning ANTI DEMOCRATIC rumors, instituting fears of all sorts, the GOP NEOCONs can get the fans to bite. Well, the Best Professional Marketing and Sales Corporations cannot conjure-up GIMMICKS and SPINS to help the GOP this year. From the 2006 elections when the GOP MAJORITY purposely, didn't pass any legislation, staling and delaying until after the November elections... BOOM, the people recognized that tactic and voted many GOP OUT. I won't even get into the FED/TREASURY, GOP Monetary policy, Corporate Welfare, NAFTA, CHINA, EMPIRE BUILDING military-industrial complex (MIC)no bid contracts, and INFLATION TAX! The GOP party hands money just as freely as the Democratic Party too, just to different organizations and of course, at the cost of ALL Taxpayers.

So as Peggy Noonan and a few select intelligent republicans (RON PAUL) have been warning all of us, the GOP Elephant has turned itself into a Dinosaur! This has accelerated the GOP ROMAN EMPIRE to come tumbling down!

The people have spoken by word, type, voice, and vote to the GOP... "Not on My Dime or Life!"

The only bad part... the Democrats will take complete control and power in this Washington DC 2 party Political Cess Pool... which is like going from the German SS party to the German SA party. I guess we can just look the 2 party dictatorship as: "The Lesser Of Two Evils".

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