View Full Version : **PLEASE Help Serve THE Petition on your local Congessmen

05-15-2008, 08:53 PM
Bob Shultz is asking for our help, this June. ALL of the congressmen and senators must be served. Please go to www.givemeliberty.org/revolution to volunteer for this very worthwhile effort.
A short summary is: Many people have already signed the Petition to Redress the Government, as is our right in the Constitution. It took YEARS to even get it noticed, and the courts finally said, basically, we need to do it more collectively and individually. SO, now on the date (look at the site, june 30?) EVERY congressperson will be served with The Redress on each constitutional issue they have violated. Undeclared war, etc., etc. You need to read up on it. Shultz is also going to do a hunger strike (he claims to the death) in D.C. and has a permit for people to come and even pitch tents, until this whole thing is implemented, and the world can see that the PEOPLE are against what the government is doing. He has also initiated the NCEL (nat'l clean election lawsuit} which is currently in the courts. You MUST read up on this and act. This is our RIGHT under our LAW, and it must be obeyed.

This is WeThePeople Organization and has been doing this for YEARS. It is just now getting more attention. He was a GREAT speaker tonight on the conference call and we need someone in every state to help serve these. I am a plaintiff on the NCEL Lawsuit, but, other than signing, I was not sure what I could do about this Petition. Now I KNOW. Please respond to this if you can. It should not take much of your time.

05-15-2008, 11:50 PM
THIS IS B I G!! Is anyone listening? Do you care about America especially IF RP NOT the Pres? Time for some chains...