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I suppose I agree almost completely with this (exclude first 20 or so seconds).

I don't like Reagan. At least, post-California. What do you think?

Exclude your hatred of Chomsky's economics. I think he's spot-on on foreign policy. And (generally) spot-on on Buckley.

There's a lot of Reagan-worship and Buckley-worship around conservative circles these days; I think we should abandon such pious attitudes, as they can be mishandled by ANYONE who comes about (B Kristol, C Krauthammer, G Will, etc), and don't always live up to the idol image.

I think rationale should always reduce the "idol" to a common person; and then analyze the positions of that person to a certain value system. One should not gather to an image as those who worshipped at the feet of Andrei Rublyev's images did so.

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Bradley in DC
05-12-2008, 11:48 AM
Christopher Buckley donated to Dr. Paul, was on our original slate of DC delegate candidates, etc., but the official campaign wouldn't get his official endorsement, let us get it for them, or allow us to use him for local fundraisers (and then did nothing). :mad: