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Operation Cat Herder

We need volunteers

15+ minutes of your time projects

These are low time commitment projects that anyone can participate in.

Contact organizers

We have batches of Meetups where we need to contact the organizer and try to get them in the loop. Currently we only have contact info for half of our organizers, we want to be able to contact all of them and re-activate them come 2010. We also want to get everyone talking on a national basis. Our orientation is distributed control - bottoms up. States are autonomous units. But we want to know who all the state groups are and how to contact them.
Contact people with skill sets

New Batches should be ready in a few days.

Other projects are things like contacting all the bands that support Dr. Paul and get them into a skills pool list. In some cases, this means finding them too.

What's the situation in your state?

We need updates - some groups are changing their names - generally to freedom this, liberty that. Effectively, they are going underground and making themselves impossible to find. We need to know where to find every one and if we know their situations and status in various states, that helps everyone. Please let us know what's going on with the r3VOLution movement in your state.

Updates should be mailed to OperationCatHerder@gmail.com or you can create an account and submit them through the discussion pages (tab at top of wiki). Only registered and verified uses can edit or submit material.


Adopt a Meetup

If you are a Meetup organizer, you get 3 meetups for the price of one. To keep Meetups alive, we are looking for volunteer organizers to adopt meetups in their states and keep them alive. These are generally the larger Meetups. Last weeks list got 16 groups adopted! - WAY TO GO PEOPLE!

This weeks list has 9 adoptions, so far!

Not a meetup organizer? - we need people to join meetups that are going away and point their members to Meetups in that state that are larger and will be staying around. Prevent losing contact with supporters.

Raid your bookmarks

We do not know who we are - no one, save perhaps our opposition, has mapped out "Ron Paul space". All the web sites, forums, blogs, state groups, etc. Contribute what you know of so we will all know. This is the Grassroots Road Map area.

Add sites here:

Got skills? - Help the freedom movement

We have a couple of writer and graphics pools, and lesser so tech pools. There are a lot of people with skills out there, and we want to create a one stop shop for connecting you and people needing those skills. If you have skills, please get listed!

A web submission form is being put together for this that should be up soon. You can also send URL's to: OperationCatHerder@gmail.com or contribute them via discussion pages here:


unless you ask, your e-mail will not be put on the site, but rather we will match requests with skills.

Help write the Field Manual

Everyone in this movement has knowledge of what they have done, and used. We want to write a Field Manual - by the grassroots, for the grassroots. This is to preserve knowledge, lessons learned, so we are not starting from square one next time and can build upon that knowledge rather than re-inventing the wheel. Please add what you know and search RP sites for data on specific sub-categories.

Contribute via discussion pages, and once again you must be registered:


Grassroots Classifieds:

The Grassroots Classifieds is a wants and available page - please use it. New entries via discussion pages or e-mail us as usual.




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