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05-02-2008, 03:58 PM
I think this woman is onto something.... This would be genius if we start sending in this book as a gift to delegates; send it especially to the national delegates!

What better way to convince these people then to actually read what Ron Paul has to say then to get their ideas from him from bogus and manipulated debates. Maybe, they’ll understand what he is about instead of what the media conditions people to think. ... or maybe then can they grasp his concepts and also see that he is more then just one issue! This can increase the chances of winning them over tremendously. I think people would appreciate a gift as well! Plus, your supporting Ron Paul more :)

I sent a copy of "Revolution" to all six of the National Delegates and alternates elected at my Congressional District Convention. One of the Delegates who happens to blog at Redstate.com and on his own blog, Southernappeal.org, received his copy of "Revolution - A Manifesto" today and blogs about it


and here:


If you comment, please be courteous. His impression of RP supporters generally is that we are 'kooky.' Or that's what he said during a conversation with a several people at our Convention before I informed him, "You know, I'm a Ron Paul supporter."

At least he called me "kind" in his post (sort of). See below:

"I'll give the Ron Paul people this much, they sure are persistent"
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By Feddie (Email) @ 12:50 pm
So, I get back from the gym today to find a package on my desk from Amazon. Now, I love getting packages from Amazon, but I hadn't ordered anything, so I was baffled as to what it could possibly be.
Well, I opened the box, and guess what some kind (albeit misguided) soul had sent me?
I don't recognize the lady's name, but I am guessing that: (1) I met her at the GOP congressional district convention I recently attended; or (2) she learned that I was elected a delegate to the national GOP convention, and is trying to persuade me to vote for Ron Paul. That, of course, ain't gonna happen.
In fact, as it stands, I am bound to vote for Mike Huckabee, who won the Georgia GOP primary. That suits me just fine. He was my first choice, and McCain doesn't really care what the final tally is, so long as he wins on the first ballot (which he will).
In any event, I wonder whether my receiving this book is an isolated event, or if the Paul folks are purchasing their fearless leader's book for every national delegate.
Are there any other national delegates out there who have received Paul's book as a gift?"

Adam Smith
05-02-2008, 04:26 PM
Hey, I appreciate the praise, but this idea has been around forever (ronpaulbookbomb.com I think is the main one).

We just decided here in Georgia to send books to our congressional districts' delegates to the National Convention. We'll also give books to delegates elected at our state convention to go to National.

My post was about capitalizing on the publicity we'd get from having a National Delegate elected from my Congressional District who is a blogger on well-known Republican websites.

05-02-2008, 04:36 PM
Good...This needs to go in more circulation around the internet then. Hopefully get a few more people attempting to send to their state delegates.

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someone should start a site to make this organized

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Update: Ah, I just saw the note with the invoice: “Dear Feddie: Congratulations on being elected delegate to the RNC. Please accept this book on behalf of Ron Paul supporters across Middle Georgia.”

A very nice, polite gesture. (http://www.southernappeal.org/index.php/archives/2594)

The note was excellent. If people intend on doing this, do keep that note of congratulations in mind.

I just hope they read it!

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how did you find the addresses for your states delegates?

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Adam Smith
05-06-2008, 06:50 AM
how did you find the addresses for your states delegates?

I knew their names, so I just googled each name and my state and found addresses for all but two of them.

However, I've been told that the GOP has a list of the names and addresses of all the delegates to my district convention in a database on their website that I could've used. I'm getting ready to try to get the last two addresses that way.

05-06-2008, 07:24 AM
I am in the Allentown RP Meetup. We decided to send the book and a DVD to all the delegates in our district (15th district). We want to get it out to the delegates before they meet. Delegates in PA are not bound. The books have been ordered and we are working on the DVDs. Our Meetup organizer has contacted the person in charge of the PA campaign to see if we can get each district to handle their delegates. I havent heard if they are doing it or not.

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Bump ;)

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Bump :D “Dear Feddie: Congratulations on being elected delegate to the RNC. Please accept this book on behalf of Ron Paul supporters across Middle Georgia.”

A very nice, polite gesture.

05-10-2008, 06:45 AM
So how do we get a list of updated delegates as they are being made aware? We need to get that list together so we can start the "master list" on the Revolution By Mail website of delegates that have been confirmed shipped to.

I think I will have a "submit a delegate" link on the site so people can let me know about delegates in their state to keep the grassroots effort going with this effort.

I think we could get books into the laps of all known delegates and even push to get them delivered a.s.a.p. as they are picked.

I am trying to locate cheap pricing on the books from multiple sources, any thoughts on best places to order from let me know.

I will have the site up 100% after I see Monday if any design ideas came through on the "grassroots end" of things. If not then I will proceed as planned and get everything setup and ready.

Anyone with a list of delegates or links to places that list then make sure and pm me the information so I can post it on the revolutionbymail.com website.

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Feddie Says:
May 5th, 2008 at 7:24 pm

Look, Ron Paul had his chance in the GOP Primary, and he lost big time. It wasn’t even close. I have little patience for the tactics currently being employed by Paul supporters to embarass McCain at the GOP convention. McCain won the nomination fair and square. The Convention is a mere formality. McCain will win on the first ballot easily.

Think of this way: What do you think the Ron Paul people would do if he had actually won the nomination, and then McCain supporters decided to do what Paul supporters are doing right now across the country? Y’all would flip out, and rightly so

********this guys an asshole....yea mccain won fair and square right??

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********this guys an asshole....yea mccain won fair and square right??


And this type of fken bullshit, makes me digg deeper, wake more people up.

BLOWBACK's a bitch.. something McCain & the GOP is gonna find out.