View Full Version : People's Action Association

05-01-2008, 02:28 AM
I find it interesting that when people think about getting something done, they think about going to local politicians to do it.

I wonder if we could permanently alter this landscape by introducing something called the "People's Association of [your city] or [your state]". This association could be a vehicle for collective action and an avenue for the type of people who aspire to be politicians. But, the association would be based on the principle of acting without using political force to achieve ends. All revenues of the association would be voluntary.

A good analogy might be a college student body. Such student bodies are great attractors of political people and don't have any "political" power. By being a student at the college you pay a membership fee (albeit it is often mandatory) and that is used to get things done, like festivals and restoring a nearby stream. Another analogy might be a kind of mutual fund for nonprofit organizations and activities.

I wonder if, with time, it would grow to being such an important item of a community that it begins to replace and redirect actions typical of city, state, and eventually federal governments.

The ancient greeks knew the importance of "rhetoric" (public speaking) in political power. You might say that we live in an age when the majority of the public speaking talent is owned by the government. One of the ways this "people's association" might succeed and displace government is by slowly accumulating the rhetorical talent of communities.

I'm curious to hear your reactions.