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Zappa's Brain
04-29-2008, 07:47 PM
We are handing out sets of Infowars DVD's to every house in Sioux Falls, SD (eventually reaching as many of the 150,000 people as possible). Could you imagine the results?

It's a great way to wake people up to the New World Order and the damage done not to mention helping to get the guilty in Washington behind bars.

Please help me to get this job done.
All DVD's have lables directing people to infowars and Ron Paul websites. South Dakota is the last primary and we will have the highest % of Ron Paul votes. There is a LOT of support here but we are not stopping.


If you cant get the link to work - the server is often busy. Please try again later.

I am only asking for $200 but if this gets good response we will produce more for other SD cities. Please donate $1 to $5 or more if you can.
Thank you!!

I am mainly copying Endgame, Matrix of evil (that one has Alex listing all the documents) and Terrorstorm.
Last is Richard Gauge's Architects for truth.
I am handing out 2-per home - All get Endgame and then a random 2nd one.
If you want to win the battle you need the numbers on your side. this will surly do the trick.

All DVD's will have discriptions on the outside. Also I may start making CD copies of Alex's daily show. I am currently doing that for close neighbors.

It's costing me about $0.62 per DVD so 40 households would cost me $49.00 for 200 houses (first target) = $248.00 not including gas and other material needed for distribution.
If I can really step up the program I would like to do the same in Omaha.
Thanks for helping us in South Dakota!

04-29-2008, 09:57 PM

Zappa's Brain
04-30-2008, 11:39 AM

(MI-PTSD)Media-Induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for an entire city!

Scare people so much that they don't leave the house! That'll give them the call to action!


Sorry you feel that way bubba. We all agree that 95% of Americans are sheep and deserve to know other organizations use their tax money to limit their freedoms. I was just talking to a customer about the diesel fuel how you now need to use an additive to keep your injector pump lubricated as the fuel no longer contains the needed additives. Another example of tyranny. We are helping people make the connection or break the matrix.

This effort are for those who spent their paychecks on Lay's potato chips and other garbage - I want to give them a chance to be prepared for the future and know what their vote means and know what questions to ask..

You can't live like a child these days. My friends in the Czech Republic and Eastern Russia have been through this once and I don't want to see it here. I hope you grow up someday.

05-01-2008, 11:55 AM
The sheep are not leaving the house for any activism currently. So the insight of the DVD's certainly can't hurt. Such DVD's are wonderful in my opinion. I have become motivated to the freedom cause primarily through videos, including several of Alex Jones'. People will not be scared into staying in their homes. They will realize that they may still have a short but viable window of opportunity to come out of their homes as freepersons and take their country back and rally against and fully expose the new world order. Kudos to the DVD distribution idea!

Ron Paul 2008!

05-01-2008, 01:48 PM
DVD's and online videos are the key to circumventing the propaganda box in everyone's living room. We are doing the same thing here with Freedom to Fascism DVD's.

05-01-2008, 02:49 PM
Sorry you feel that way bubba. We all agree that 95% of Americans are sheep and deserve to know other organizations use their tax money to limit their freedoms.

That is pretty presumptuous and elitist of you to claim 95% of Americans are sheep. Might as well claim that 95% of 9/11 "truth activists" are brainless moonbats.