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04-29-2008, 01:01 AM
keep this thread bumped.
Keep this bumped.

We've procured the entire registered Voter List in South Dakota!!!

We've got over 1,500 active Libertarian and Constitution party members that need to be reached out to, 74,608 independents, and 190,905 Democrats that need to be Reached ASAP before the May 19th Deadline to Register Republican. Plus we've got 240,101 Republicans to reach -- and if we have time 46,906 inactive people.

We were hoping the official campaign would be able to do some robo-calls (it would only cause them about $10,000 of their almost $4 Mil -- about half a percent of what they have left -- to do the entire state at their 2 cents a call cost it cost them in Iowa) but it's looking like that's not going to be happening.

So, that means it's up to us.

The Constitution and Libertarian and Independents are our top priority right now. But if you want to write letters to Democrats let me know that too. We also need to try and direct reach all of the Republicans running, but we've got a bit more time for them.

Things to mention.
The final day to Register Republican is May 19th.
The Primary is June 3rd.

Send me an e-mail at gold_club_99@yahoo.com, or PM me and let me know how many names you want. What Party, and if you want addresses, or phone numbers. (or both.) I'd like to see everybody e-mailed or called if at all possible.

We'd tackle this project ourselves, but we're busy canvasing our local precincts.

The typical Turnout for a Republican Primary here in South Dakota is less then 100,000 voters. that means we only have to convince 20,000 people to show up and vote for Ron Paul for some of us to get to go to National. We only need 50,000 of them, in order to win. Technically, it's possible to take every single delegate and only get 62% of the vote or so. (if McCain gets 19% and Undeclared gets 19% and we get 62%, then we're the only campaign that gets more then 20%. Technically probably less then 62% would be needed to win the whole state because Romney and Huccabee are still on the ballot.)

Let's tell the nation that, at least 1 state doesn't want a liberal for their nominee. We can do this people.

Please. e-mail me, and let me know how many names you want and what party you want them to be for, and if you want addresses or phone numbers.

I'd like to see people both mailed and called if possible, so if your only going to mail, I don't want to give you the phone numbers so I can give those to somebody else (and Vice Versa)

And I'll send you spreadsheet file.