View Full Version : Help B.J. Lawson Win on May 6th!

04-27-2008, 04:07 PM

With less than 10 days remaining until the primary it's crunch time for our campaign. We're fighting hard and working hard to make sure we when on May 6th. Today, we received some encouraging polling data and remain cautiously optimistic about winning on May 6th. That said, we are cautious for a reason and today I am asking for your help to ensure that we not only win, but win big on the 6th.

How can you help? By donating. I'm hoping that with your help alone we can hit the $100K milestone by the end of this week.

Why is your money needed? Your money is needed to help pay for a media strategy that we have for the final days before the primary.

How much are we asking for? Only $25! That's it! If we get $25 from each person here, or most of you, it will make a huge difference and we can hit the $100K mark.

Of course, you're welcome to donate more. We certainly encourage that :)

Please donate today. Your donation will help ensure that we achieve victory on May 6th!


Thank you,

Garland Ragland
Volunteer Coordinator
Lawson for Congress