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04-25-2008, 05:16 AM
We have until 4/29 to find write-in eligible PCP's and Republicans that will vote for them in each precint in Oregon. How do we add more fuel to the raging fire? Run a full page newspaper ad in every county.

There is already an ad developed @ http://www.ronpaulwarroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/ronpaulfp4-02-08.pdf

The author is managing a multi-state fundraiser @ http://ronpaulnewspaperads.chipin.com/ron-paul-newspapaper-ads

The author is willing to edit or share to edit for Oregon. We can and should do the work ourselves - self reliance, personal responsibility. contact@coasttocoastmoneybomb.com

The ad will read:

Ron's solution to the issues. His track record.
He is still in the race.
He is winning delegates everywhere - nearly 100% in the 5 most recent states conventions.
Former Huckabee and Romney delegates support Ron.
Delegates determine the nominee at the National Convention in Sept - not the media.
People are finding out about McCain's tax hiking, war mongering, illegal immigrant supporting stances and voting record. He is losing support. He is losing delegates. He is in violation of FEC laws. He could be thrown out.
There is only one viable candidate - a constitutional President Paul.
Join the bandwagon. Support Paul and secure his nomination. Register Republican. Join the convention. Call, email or phone to find out how before May 2.

We need help finding out the cost and deadline for all the newspapers - the statewide Oregonian and the smaller, local papers. We are shooting for:

full page 4 color is best. Half page is next best.
Price is determined by column inches or dollar volume. Find out which.
Save money by squeezing margins in for column inches while still taking a full/half page.
Always demand to be put in MAIN/FIRST/FRONT. Never take Food, Politics, Lifestyle etc.
Always put in MONDAY. It's lighter and people generally read it. Sunday is for coupon shoppers.
If they say they don't guarantee the placement, you say "if you don't put it in Main, don't run the ad." They want your money and will oblige.
Get a CONTRACT rate. All other rates are for nummies.
Find out how many PAID subscribers. Readership is misleading. For example, more than one person per house could be reading.
Bonus: ask for a remnant page since it costs much less. The downsize is you may not get to choose which day.

The cost for the one day ad could be up to $10k. We will have a fundraiser.

Contact oregon4ronpaul@gmail.com if you can find out the paper contact info, make calls to the papers, edit the ad, setup the chipin, manage the account, promote the fundraiser state/nationwide.