View Full Version : Claim a South Dakota Paper for Ron Paul Program!

04-19-2008, 09:24 PM
We need to go through, and try to place ads in most of
these http://www.sdna.com/directory.php

Wouldn't have to be a large ad. Just 3-5 line text ad.
Perhaps even in the classified section. Many small
papers could run an ad for as little as $20.

Keep it short and simple. Here's a few things that
should be included.

Ron Paul is still in the race
Register Republican before May 19th
Vote June 3rd

Other then that, here's a list of ideas we had prior.

"Ron Paul - A Goldwater style Republican. His
End abortion, End the Income Tax, Keep guns legal."

"100% Pro-life. 100% Pro-Gun. 0% Income Tax. "

"Ron Paul received more military donations then any
other Republican presidential candidate?"


We need to get ads in each of these papers as quickly
as possible. And they can be small. In fact, many of
the smaller town papers, don't need to be that big to
be noticed. Some can have ads placed for as little as

I know the Rapid City Group is already putting ads in
their local paper. I personally think the Argus leader
is a lost cause unless we have a big prohibitively
expensive ad. Plus have their readership isn't even in
South Dakota. But that leave 118 papers we still needs
ads in.

And these ads need to start as soon as possible.

What I'm proposing is for each person, or groups of
people, to pick 1 or more of these newspapers, and
commit to placing ads in each of them at least once a
week. Let me know which papers you're picking, and I
can cross it off the list.

Perhaps in this way we can try to get South Dakota
covered, since the SD Newspaper Association doesn't
allow political ads.

Again. Here's the list of all the papers.


04-19-2008, 11:21 PM
Hayti and Watertown are taken now too.