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04-10-2008, 08:03 PM
All fellow RPers, Sorry to bother you all as I know you are very busy.
I was thinking abut starting a poll for best RP state. Frankly this may be a good idea but should wait till all the conventions and primaries are over but could be a good poll to do as well as the polls out there for best RPer.

Anyway I want to bring to your attention a MIRACLE!!!

The Miracle is what has happened in Minnesota recently.

I am from Minnesota and was involved in democratic politics in the late 70’s and 80’s. (Shame on me but was young and stupid then)
I learned how difficult it is to be elected state delegate first and then the miracle of being elected NATIONAL CONVENTION DELEGATE!

I no longer live in the USA but heard about RP in December and got excited.

So anyway I want to bring to everyone’s attention something that I feel is a real miracle. Hopefully you have all seen the results of the Minnesota congressional district conventions last weekend.

The Minnesota Rpers led by Marianne Stebbing and her loyal hardworking group elected 6 of a potential 9 NATIONAL DELEGATES in three congressional district conventions.

From my perspective understanding the process in Minnesota and how difficult it is to elect National Delegates, this is a miracle. It ranks right up there with a resurrection in my opinion.

Why am I posting this?

First of all Marianne while posting results and answering questions never once mentioned the difficulty of accomplishing what she and her team did.

Imagine in a congressional district with 93 people running for national Delegate and many being total GOP insiders and against them they won 2 of 3 national Delegate slots. And this is with a minority of delegates voting in the RP camp.

And the only one who beat them in this district was the SITTING INCUMBANT CONGRESSWOMAN. Plus they won another 6 or seven national Delegates in other congressional districts.

All I can say is that in my experience that to perform this is a Miracle, Marianne and the RPers there in that congressional district andthe other districts (and remember these people voting had to first get elected at a precinct caucus, and then also get elected as state delegates at a further convention, the senate district or county) performed a miracle. These first two steps are not easy either.

Also please understand all of us that there were many many loyal hardworking RP volunteers that had expended countless hours and who knows how much in dollar donations.
But since the Minnesota People understood that the way to win was to only have an official “Slate” of 3 people for delegate in each congressional district and all the people vote for these 3 people was the only way to win.

So what does that mean? That means that of all those people that worked so hard for RP all this time that only 3 could be selected.

What they had to do was narrow down the list and only come up with 3 on the slate for each congressional district convention.

How would you feel if you had spent countless hours and or money for RP and then not be selected to be on the official “SLATE”?

I guess my point is that we have untold “Unsung heroes” in this and the other congressional districts in Minnesota. People who worked their butts off but were not on the slate.

These people who we will probably never know their names have given so much to this revolution and they understood that they could not run for National Convention Delegates even though they deserved it. And this is true in so many states not just Minnesota.
The problem is that there are not enough spots. So they graciously stepped down and went with the slate. And they won!!!! Because they stuck together.

My heart goes out to all of you unsung heroes. You are wonderful people and deserve a spot on the wall of fame for the RP revolution.

I know that Marianne and all the others in Minnesota agree. This is a shame but is part of the process.

Please all of us during these critical weeks where many states are now selecting National convention delegates please give thanks to these people and understand what they are going through.

Please also post and encourage every person who has a voice and vote in this process to make every effort to attend the conventions that they were elected to and win more national Delegates in other states.

We may not win the national endorsement but we will have an impact.

Keep focused on September 2 or 3rd where on National TV they will broadcast the GOP convention.

Grab a beer or whatever and watch as the roll call happens. We will have votes and delegates. We know that now.

Imagine as they get to the M’s. (Main and Missouri too of course)

And the roll call is “Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes, the proud state of Minnesota casts x votes for Ron Paul as the next president of the United States of America. Also we cast y # of votes for McCain.”

I don’t know what the X # will be but due to Marianne’s work and the others on her team there will be a number there for Minnesota. They can not prevent that from happening since Minnesota has some delegates and they can’t take that away. As well as you other states.

This will happen in other states as well. As far as I’m concerned that will be a victory well worth the millions of dollars we have given and the millions of hours we have expended.

Please join me in congratulating Minnesota, Marianne Stebbing and the people that I know she would say were instrumental in this MIRACLE!!!

Other states are now in this final convention process electing National Delegates.

Iowa for example, And go spacehabitats and your group will have conventions soon. Other states are coming up.
Maine and Ken Lindell we know we can count on you. Nevada go for it. Alaska you rock!!
Washington State as well you are the greatest!!!
I know I miss some and many are still in “stealth” mode so we don’t know results.
Oh N. Dakota? You guys are the greatest!!!

It’s happening folks and you can see it.

All I ask is that the forums send threads and thanks to all these people who have given so much as you all have to the cause.

Please let’s spend our limited time that we have to say thanks to all of those people and encourage everyone who can still participate and has a vote to make sure to attend their upcoming conventions in all states with conventions. It will not be for naught. And that we all appreciate their efforts and the time they spend to attend. It is so important since in many conventions one vote can mean the difference for winning one more National Delegate.

Marianne I apologize for being negative early on. I am not a good person for denying you the credit that you and your team deserved and deserve. You have proven that you know how to organize and I am so proud of you and all you Minnesotans. It is never just one person who can claim credit but all of you as a group but you have been the leader and worked very hard.
From the bottom of my heart I say that you, Marianne Stebbing deserve all the best. You are humble and hard working and a very very good person.

And I nominate Minnesota as RP state of the campaign and Marianne Stebbing as RP national Delegate getter of the year!! But we can hold off on the final voting till the National roll call in September in MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA. (I am hoping Minnesota will win but we will see)

So please all of you make your feelings known to these great patriots and all the other patriots in the other states that are GETTING NATIONAL COVENTION DELEGATES!!!

Minnesota has 2 more congressional district conventions on April 19. Then the state convention. Please encourage them to go and attend and vote. These next 2 congressional districts will be tough ones for them but they can do it and are organized. Send them your best and encourage and thank them. Also the other states coming up.

Spread the word and be positive at this very critical juncture in the revolution.
POST and give thanks to these heroes.

04-10-2008, 08:14 PM
The best RP state is LOUISIANA! We Ron paul delegates are still in limbo as who or if we even get to go to Minnesota or not but I'm forever hopeful!

04-10-2008, 08:18 PM
Yes i agree that you did well in LA but what do you think about what Minnesota did? Do you encourage them?

04-10-2008, 08:21 PM
Yes i agree that you did well in LA but what do you think about what Minnesota did? Do you encourage them?


04-10-2008, 08:29 PM
I think other states need to learn form what Marianne was able to accomplish. We had one over zealous leader that may have cost us a delegate spot, IMO. But overall we kicked a$$! Thanks all and especially Marianne!

Alex Libman
04-10-2008, 08:56 PM
New Hampshire!

04-10-2008, 09:00 PM
All Right New Hampshire! We love you!! How many National Delegates have you got locked up? We are hoping for a majority. You got em right?

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04-10-2008, 09:05 PM
OK well let's stay positive. anyone from Missouri, Alaska Nevada, Washington state or anywhere else with elected national Delegates?