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08-20-2007, 12:18 PM
I was thinking of starting a Flash political cartoon jibjab style project, The last flash project i did took me 2 months to do but that was a game and mostly coding and pure animation. So Anyone here familiar with animating with flash?
The more the merrier because anyone that has done this before knows how long this can take.

The way we can work together is we all decide on a story board then pick which scenes we would work on. Then piece it all together at the end.

THEME/STYLE (just an idea)

1. I was thinking about keeping it simple as possible two or three color tone. Black, red and white. Red would be the background black would be the outlining and white would be text and filler.

2.It would have every candidate that is running for president in it, They would all be attached to strings like puppets and the puppeteer would be...........You guessed it. A big fat Banker. it would involve Ron Paul and his REVOLUTION rising up and cutting the strings.

Start out with a Family watching tv flipping through tv stations with each one showing bias news. Left wing ones promoting hillary and Obama then Right wings one promoting mitt fred and rudy.

We could go two ways the jibjab style with candidates contradicting themselves using real speeches and voice actors , or a music video using a song like
for background music and again using real speeches during the middle parts of the song.

This video uses very little real animation too and mixes in real footage.

I just think the jibjab style would be easiest since we would only have to cut the backgrounds out of images and doing very little drawing just tweening and zoom effects.

For those who dont know what jibjab is

I don't know just an idea, let me know if you have better ones.

No rush i figure we could spend a couple hours a day or something on it and be done with it in a few weeks.