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04-02-2008, 10:55 PM
Howdy, folks!

rpiradio.com, the original Ron Paul radio station on the internet, is looking for volunteers.

1) We're interested in bringing a producer on board to help manage day-to-day operations including host acquisition and scheduling. This position would be working under Melissa, our operations manager. If you are interested in this position, please email manager (at) rpiradio.com.

2) RPI Radio is only as good as our content. Currently, our hosting lineup in the evenings and nights is quite solid and draws a crowd, but we're a bit lacking during the day and in the mornings. Regardless of scheduling, I'd urge you to contact us if you are interested in hosting a show. If you are, please drop an email to inquiry (at) rpiradio.com and include your name, the sort of content you'd like to have on your show, and a brief outline of the days and times which you're available to be on the air. A regular show can be as little as one hour a week, or as much as several hours daily!

3) Technical help is always welcome. If you have any computer technical skills at all you are likely welcome on our staff. This includes everything from Windows and MacOS power-users helping new hosts setup software on those platforms, to web application developers, to systems administrators.

4) I am also looking for C programmers for an open source streaming audio server. This is designed to be a modern replacement for shoutcast/icecast, both of which are not actively developed, and are lacking in a number of areas. This is a side project, and not officially related to the Ron Paul movement, but will be a huge asset to the entire internet radio community and the open source community in general! If you are interested in helping write code for this project or in other ways such as testing and documentation, translating, etc, please email me directly at mdh (at) solitox.net.

5) Do you have systems and bandwidth? We can always use more server space inexpensively or even better for free. Currently we are standardized around Slackware Linux, CentOS Linux, and Solaris systems. FreeBSD is also used in some roles and is supported. If you are willing to help out in this capacity, please email me directly at mdh (at) solitox.net. We may be able to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement. (Please note: this is not a call for web space on shared hosts and such. If you do not have root on a system, then it would probably not be useful to us. Sorry.)

Finally, rpiradio.com is supported entirely by our friends and listeners. If you can, please consider a generous contribution on http://www.rpiradio.com/. Thanks!

I hope to hear from you soon!
- mdh

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Woah, the forums are acting weird. But yeah, I said something about wanting money for my rapier sharp wit. I also do good impressions of Woody Allen, Cher and people you've never heard of.

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I too would like money. Preferably free money. Is there some sort of salaried position available for a full-time forum monitor? Ideally it would include dental.